Anyone in Texas need a LOT of storage?


Zero bedrooms, one bath? Kitchen, maybe?

No sale.

No helicopter pad.

I think it looks like a house but is just storage inside. I wonder if it was used for crypto mining or something; that’s a SERIOUS generator and it says it’s hooked up to two power grids.

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I see windows outside but I don’t see any windows inside.

So cheap for that size

Perfect place for ERCOT back-up power sources. Big enough to cover all of TicksAss.

ZGW is in the running for my favorite IG follow

One of the many odd things about this listing is that putting it on Zillow would seem to defeat one of the main selling points of the “house.”

Marijuana growing facility?

I think it’s a mini version of this:

I just don’t understand why you’d sell it.

It was built in 2000. Formerly an AT&T datacenter (not sure why it had to be built in house form). Source: Southview Lane – Locations – Felder Property Group

It definitely gave off the vibe of a grow house.