Anyone here try Morgan Ranch Wagyu?

Since they will be a BDay participant I was wondering who other than Nola has experience with their products.

In other words do I stay loyal to Flannery or play the field a little?

Seems like two fundamentally different products.

I associate Flannery more with dry aged cuts, while Morgan Ranch seems to have a focus on fresh wagyu beef. So I think it’s going to depend on what kind of beef you’re looking to purchase.

Buy both.
Duh. :partying_face:

[winner.gif] Jay, I know you asked for anyone other than me, but that’s what I am going to do.

Okay, okay. I know when I’m beaten. [cheers.gif]

yes. Awesome. PM me.


I have had their product in some of the local restaurants (high end) here in Omaha where they are featured. Some of the best steaks I’ve had, of course these are fantastic chefs preparing it for me so take it with the grain of salt :grin:

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I always salt my steaks before cooking.

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Curious how thick the strips and ribeyes are…any insight would be great.

Maybe 1 1/2 inches, more or less? They cooked up perfect for me!!

Oh crap. I forgot all about Berserkerday. :frowning: And I haven’t hardly bought any wine recently. I guess I will have to buy meat and olive oil and stuff.

Good thing you remembered early!! [berserker.gif] [berserker.gif] [berserker.gif] [berserker.gif]

Ah, and my favorite is a little sea salt and a squeeze of lemon right before eating it. Grain of salt it is!

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I buy from three meat producers each for a slightly different reason. Flannery for dry aged prime, Certified Piedmontese for grass feed and lower fat but delicious beef and Morgan for the Waygu. All are incredible each fitting a different niche in our menu planning.


I ordered their grill and chill pack. But I can’t find any info on how they ship? I assume it’s not frozen, but does anyone know?



Hey Mike,
Thanks for ordering! We ship FedEx second day. The product is individually packaged and frozen. Any other questions?

Thanks, Carrie. Look forward to receiving and trying the steaks. I live in KC, just down the road so always happy to support my neighbors. Especially if it tastes good. :slight_smile:

Just rec’d an incredible box of Bersekerday “treats” from Morgan Ranch. Well packed, frozen solid (2 day from Nebraska to Seattle) and looking great! Thanks Carrie for participating and for sending the little extras.

Received our pack today-shipped quickly-still frozen when they got here. Nice marbling-seared for a few minutes on each side at 650-700. Roasted til they got to 120. Rested for a few minutes and sliced. Air fried Brussels sprouts with bacon and Parmesan. A young Pauillac-Clerc Milon. Steaks were tender, rich, buttery. Very nice. S
to boot. Nice and easy.


Nice, Dan. How was the flavor? We’ll get ours next week, but they look delicious.