Anyone help with info on this?

I am not a wine buff or anything (know nothing in fact) but this has been bugging me for a few days. I was gifted this bottle and I have been unable to find anything out about it.
Could you kind people perhaps shed some light on it?
Clickable thumbnail below, worth a thousand words and all that!
Thanks in advance

It’s a fortified sweet dessert style wine from the Southern Rhone. I do not believe these wines are typically that long lived so a 1997 may be over the hill but otherwise, I do not have much to offer. These wines are not super expensive so I do not think you are sitting on a treasure but it should be a fun experience to try!

I agree with everything Rich said. Is is probably quite sweet. You might just try it with some biscotti or cheese and crackers. It retails for around $10-12.

The producer is Vignerons de Beaumes de Venise. I think it is a co-op. Cote d’Or is the specific name of this particular Beaumes de Venise. They make several.

Thanks for the information so far. It didn’t cross my mind it was some rare vintage worth anything (I wish), I just thought it was an odd colour and I didn’t really recognise anything on the label. Googled it and read it was a fortified wine, other than that dtail seems a bit thin on the ground!

If you are on Cellar Tracker you can search wines to find 2000 Vigneron de Beaumes de Venise Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise La Chapelle Notre Dame d’Aubune and try to PM the owner of this bottle and see what he has to say about the wine even if his is much younger than yours.

Having done a bit more googling armed with the replies here, it does seem the producer is indeed “Vignerons de Beaumes de Venise” which is a co-op as you say. Just wondering how you know “Cote D’or” is the specific name, can’t see it on the bottle anywhere?
I go to a sandwich shop owned by a french couple so I will take it them to translate the bottle. I will open it this week and let you know how I get on with it :slight_smile:

Just read that somewhere, will open it one day this week and risk it!

Carte Or (not Cote d’or) is at the top of the label.

I saw the Carte Or on the label, just wondering how Cote d’or was arrived at?

Carte d’Or when pertaining to wine is usually used in wines to signify a white wine made from red grapes. It is pretty generic.

This is as others said a sweet white wine made from red grapes (muscat) from the Vaucluse in the Southern Rhone. If I remember correctly, this is slightly above Gigondas. I don’t know this label but it sounds like a cooperative. Can’t speak to the wine at all.