Anyone have Experience The Wine House in San Fran

It looks like the retail arm of…anyone have experience with these guys…they have what seems to be the lowest price in the country on a particular wine by about $7 a bottle.
Thanks in advance

I have purchased from them on several occasions (usually at the end-of-year sales), and pick up my orders in store (so no experience with shipping). They have been friendly and helpful every time I visit, and I would be comfortable ordering anything from them. I’ve done Bordeaux futures with them too, and stuff gets in in a reasonable time-frame. I believe they import their own stuff, as all bottles I’ve gotten from them have their own name as the importer on the back label. The retail store is more of a big warehouse, and the temp is good. As a reference point, other places I purchase from in the SF area are K&L, PC, and JJB, and I am comfortable buying at Wine House SF also.

They are a great store. is just the portal for a number of stores (Knightsbridge comes to mind). I have had no issues with Wine House wines.

picked up a bunch of 87 Mondavi Reserve from them a couple of years ago.

Only 2 orders, the first was a shipping fiasco and the second was fine.

They have been around for ever and are very honorable and trustworthy. They were THE place to shop for French wine in the 70s.

Great experience with them. I delayed a shipment because I was switching around an order and they upgraded the shipping for free so that it would still get to me in time. The bottles themselves were in immaculate shape.

I ordered some futures with them and it was a smooth transaction all around.


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Great store–the only one in my personal experience to replace premoxed bottles even though I am not a major player there–and replaced with no hassle but w a smile.