Anyone have a source for barramundi in NYC or mail order?

While I’m generally a proponent of local seafood I just had barramundi for the first time at a restaurant and what an amazing fish!

The restaurant prepared it simply with a beurre blanc and lemon and I see why people on MKR Australia always went gaga over the fish.

some googling tells me that costco often carries it. I’ll check it out in a day or two.

I seem to remember it in Costco in the frozen section.
I’ve been buying the branzino in the seafood case recently. It is very close to our local Speckled Trout in size and texture. You can do about the same things with it. Since Specks are a seasonal catch and here on the Gulf Coast closed commercially it is a good substitute.

Jay, not sure if this will help. When we lived in NJ we often went to Blue Point Grill in Princeton. Big list of fresh seafood every day and barramundi was ALWAYS on the menu ( and it was delicious). We moved 9 years ago but I just checked and it’s on their menu tonight along with an array of other fresh fish.

BLue Point Grill gets all their fish and seafood from Nassau Seafood an awesome seafood market which they also own and is directly next door to the restaurant. No doubt they will have barramundi.
While you may not want to drive down to Princeton (though it’s a good day out) the seafood market may be able to help you. Maybe they ship? Worth a call 609-921-0620.

Good luck!
PS: Blue Point Grill is BYO, an added bonus. We were there every couple weeks back in the day.


I like this fish too. Whole Foods has been carrying it fairly consistently in our region, albeit in the frozen section. I know a lot of fish on the counter was frozen and was just thawed for sale that day, but frozen fish slightly unnerves me. But barramundi is worth the exception. Given how so much is nationally selected there now, perhaps your region might have some too.

Back in the 70’s I think I read that it was a big component of the McDonalds Filet o’Fish, until it got pricey.

I tried my local Costco yesterday but no luck.

I’ll check out my JC fish store and Whole Foods on Sunday.

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Had it frozen at my Costco when i checked Sunday. $17.99 for a 2lb IQF package.