Anyone Have a Bead on Barnett Vineyards?

… particularly their 2012 Barnett Vineyards Cabernet Rattlesnake Hill Estate (Spring Mountain). I’ve got an opportunity to purchase this wine through the wine club I belong to, however I’m not familiar with this producer. CellarTracker has the 2011 at an average score of 92.1 for whatever that’s worth.

We visited a couple of months ago. They have one of the best unobstructed views of the valley possible up on Spring Mt. We tasted their 2012 lineup including merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Estate Rattlesnake Cabernet and were impressed with all. Whether or not the Rattlesnake is worth the tariff is a subjective decision. I bought 3. Will probably drink the first at age 10.

Great wines, meant to have some bottle age.

Thanks Michael and Fred I appreciate the input.

I have not had a Rattlesnake with any age on them but young they show too much oak for my taste.

It’s been a few years since I had them, but I always thought they were pretty textbook Spring Mountain Cabs. Don’t know if Rattlesnake is worth the premium over the regular Cab.

And it is a great view.

We really enjoy their wines and have visited 2 or 3 times. As others say, would be a personal choice as to whether Rattlesnake is worth the tariff, but I do recommend them overall.

Chad I notice you live in Atlanta, do you belong to Fine Wine Connection?

Really impressed with what David Tate is doing at Barnett. Very restrained style and agreed that the wines are meant to have a few years on them.

I’ve actually always preferred the Cyrus Ryan to the Rattlesnake, but nearly picked up the latter at a close out sale a few years ago for $90/btl (friend bought it instead). FWIW

Is that Chris Soluri? Used to get his emails and bought occasionally, but somehow fell off the list. I should try to get added back, as he sourced cool stuff.