Anyone else find themselves using the site less since the recent changes?

I’m curious to hear if anyone else is experiencing what I am. I’m most curious to hear from anyone that might have been a “regular user” that visited daily or more often. I’ve been here maybe 2-3 times in the past week and each time it feels a bit forced with the new layout.


I’m actually using the site more. I find it much easier following the conversations I’m interested in vs ignoring the threads I don’t care about…

Takes some getting used to, but it’s worth it!


I’m with AndyK. I find it an improvement.

Just looking at yesterday. Our data shows that Daily Engaged users/ Topics/ Posts are higher than the two weeks leading up to the change. The metric you particularly want to note is Daily Engaged Users and (Daily average user/Monthly average user) - both are higher than the two weeks before.

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I’m using it more, if only because that is the only way to get used to it. Now that I’ve scrolled to the bottom of most of the long old threads, I find it’s very easy to keep up with new posts.


I use it the same but harder to follow than before. I always started with the Unread page and went through topics from there. Not as easy to do that now


The first couple of/few days, I used it less; then I started getting used to it.

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FWIW, “unread” on the old forum is the same as “Latest” on the new forum. Once I realized that, and made it my default when I click the logo at top, it made things much more familiar, and easier than ever.


Same here, but I think the terminology is a bit confusing, as ‘unread’ on the old included threads in which you posted as well as other new threads - here, Latest is the one that combines them. Set this as my default in Preferences and anytime I want to go to categories just click the three lines at the top and select the category, or ‘more’ to see the full list - easy

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It was definitely 1 step back for me at first. But now that I’ve learned to navigate a bit better and am finding old threads and adding to my posts, I’m using more than before in some ways.

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Is it? Unread used to filter to only the things I saw since the last time I checked the unread filter. It doesn’t seem to work that way now. Maybe I am missing it.

Fun fact: I was lurking the old forum, wasn’t registered yet. I was reading a page of a thread, wasn’t aware that the change was gonna happen. Left loaded in the browser on my mobile phone, went to do other stuff and came back to it some time later, the new graphic must’ve been applied in the meantime. Imagine my surprise and confusion when i tried to move to the following page in the discussion :smiley:

This was my impression as well. The other big difference is that there was a mark all read button on the previous software which there isn’t on this software. The latest visit line is helpful but I have found that it doesn’t always show the last time I visited. Therefore, I am constantly trying to figure out where I left off in the latest view.

Hmm I may have misstated… old “New posts” == new “Latest” …
old “unread” vaguely like new “unread” but in new forum I guess it only includes tracked threads? in which case my suggestion here might be useful? basically to make all threads be tracked…

Not entirely sure of this though.

Yeah, that’s my biggest challenge as well. Unread and Mark as Read made it super easy to keep up with new content. The Latest option is ok, but “your last visit” doesn’t always keep up with each session unless there’s significant time between visits. If I visit now and then in 30 min, it will not have updated.

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I clicked on this thread, read you last post, went back to the forum, and it showed having been read. Instantaneous. Does your interface behave differently?

This works immediately in threads but not the latest tab

Hmm, I just tried it both ways, with the Latest opened in another tab. It updated to read immediately. One key is that you have to read through to the last post. Anyway, these seem like really minor issues.

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I think we are talking about two different things. The topic goes to read right away once you read it. I think @Andrew_K and I were talking about the fact that the last visit line in the latest tab does not seem to update timely. On the old software, you could hit the mark all read button to make all threads you didn’t want to look at appear as read. Made it very easy to know what had posted since your last visit.

My site usage is down about 75%. I can’t figure it out (or more accurately, don’t have the energy or desire to figure it out).

On the old site you could click on a “view new posts” link. I don’t find that link on the new site to be accurate (or the same functionality).

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