Anyone eaten at Gordon Ramsey West Hollywood?

Jen wants to eat there when we are staying the night at The London, and I didn’t find any mention of it here on WB when doing a quick search, though I imagine some of you Angelenos have eaten there. Any feedback?

Todd–I haven’t had dinner there, but I went there once for a winetasting event, and the winetasting had some apps, etc. prepared by the restaurant. Everything they served was competently prepared, but it was fairly simple fare and the focus was on the winetasting, not the food.


There are currently 1,100 reviews on Yelp. 3.5 stars, including a 2star review from Charlie Fu.

Some of us have to work, instead of living off the fat of the state pension system, so we can’t go through 1100 Yelp reviews to find the one by Charlie Fu.


If Charlie was a Yelp friend, his review would be one of the first.

I hope after you retire, having made profits from your various ventures when you could have charged less, that I’m still around to goad you. I really do.

Me, too! If only I charged enough to profit, I could be assured of it!

I think you’re better off trying a lot of the other great restaurants in the area. At least the time I went there was nothing to write home about.

Ink/Lucques /AOC/Son of a Gun are short uber rides away.

I figured as much, and I’m no star-chaser, plus Ramsay is a dickhead

The London is nice, I live down the street… I had dinner at Lucques a few weeks ago and the food was very disappointing, will not be going back. My go to restaurant these days is Craft in Century City, cheap Uber ride too.

Leave the car. You can walk to I love the place. If you want ambiance you could walk over to, one of the more beautiful places to eat (the patio) in this city. The food is good, but not great.

Is that the first time with a bad meal at Lucques? Always been consistently good for me there, but maybe she’s getting spread too thin with all the restaurant openings.

Thanks Gregg, looks amazing.


Been to Lucques numerous times over the years and loved it. This dinner 2 weeks ago was disappointing all around.

The kicker was when we were seated (party of 4) at 6:30 the hostess mentioned how they would need the table at 8:30. We all shrugged it off. As we left around 9 they had 6 empty tables.


The fcking Scallops with Baby Leeks are good, but I usually get the "Jesus Christ, I Can’t fcking Believe I Ate That" Tasting Menu. (with wine pairings)

By the way, always complain about the dirty menus and ask for a “clean” one. It’s sort of expected.

At which restaurant?

Just having a little fun at chef Ramsey’s expense.

Very inappropriate for a fine dining restaurant, I would call that manager and let them know what happened. I have a hard time believing that is their new policy unless they specifically told you that they didn’t have space at the time you made the reservation, but would give the table to you under those circumstances. If it is their new policy for 6:30 diners, they need a new general manager.

+1 for the many other great spots nearby. Gordon isn’t even really involved there anymore. Side note, last time we stayed at the London they had a house car, so uber not even required.

That’s a good thing because that restaurant doesn’t have any stars…

Was referring to Ramsay being a TV star…