Anyone Drink Anything Interesting For Bastille Day?

Wife and I had a bottle of 2003 Monbousquet.

Simple pop and pour. Still a big tannic monster with a nice dose of oak and vanilla. This bottle, from OWC, had a slight green streak in it that I hadn’t found in other bottles from the case. Still, very enjoyable with a big mouthfeel and long finish.

Is today some French holiday? I may drink a California wine to celebrate. Maybe a Carlisle Carlisle Zinfandel.

Napolean surrendered to the British in 1815

A bunch of great champagne, '80 DRC Richebourg, '58 Monfortino and '74 Heitz Martha’s. Will post some notes later today.

A worthy event to celebrate. I may drink two bottles of Zinfandel!!!

06 Clavelier VR Aux Brulees and 96 Monty Estate - notes up, both rockin’.


If they schedule a holiday for each time they’ve surrendered … no wonder I drink so much Zinfandel! pileon

Reuben: I know more about casino security than any man alive, I invented it, and it cannot be beaten. They got cameras, they got locks, they got watchers, they got timers, they got vaults, they got enough armed personnel to occupy Paris!
Reuben: Okay, bad example.

Oh. Never mind.

The storming of the Bastille was yesterday…Napolean giving up was today.

Those wacky French … who can keep up?

Viva la Zinfandel!!! [dance-clap.gif]


Wife & I opened the same last night. Took about 3 hours of decanting before it started smoothing out a bit. Love the leather, tobacco, plum earthy nose and flavors on this one. later in the evening ( 4+hours ) was getting a little metallic flavor in there too. lush and long.

Novy 06 Gary’s…green streak I wasnt crazy about…even after 24 hours still there. Otherwise a fine drink, especially for the price.

Inama Carmenere 05. A little dusty, some nice red and dark berries, short finish. Good for the price.

Carlisle 06 Cardiac Hill Corked [help.gif]

Pride Merlot 02 Sentimental value 1 year anniversary wine in Napa. One of the wines that started me into this money pit. When I first had it I thought it was so intense…now, not so much but still good fruit and decent lenght in it. Ok wine, not great for the price.

Hi Bill. I first had the 03’ Monbousquet almost 2 yrs ago and it was a big tannic monster as you commented. I had it again this spring with a 4-6 hr decant and it was much better. Nice bordeaux for the price. The 2000 Monbousquet, however, is better.

Hmmm I had a 00 Monbo about a month ago and it was like sucking on coffee covered oak. And I like oak, but it was undrinkable.

Another Chinon here.

2006 Les Pensées de Pallus imported by Rare Wine Co.

Very nice.

with Vanessa?

Just to make Dildine happy tonight, I opened a 2006 Ridge Lytton Springs.