Anyone Coravin'd a Magnum??

So I know you’re “technically” not supposed to…but has anyone done it??

I’ve got a 2012 Bedrock Ode to Lulu Rose 1.5l that I need to drink, but would rather stab a few glasses since it might be a while before we have enough rose loving peeps to the house to enjoy the whole bottle.

I don’t see why not… the cork should be the same size as a 750.

Yes, and I thought you could? It’s over that size that they don’t recommend

OK cool, thanks guys! Just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t blow off my arm or something (knock on wood).

I’ll give it a shot this afternoon.

Yes, I have done it without issue.

I have a Pungo and I’ve used it on a 5-liter bottle before without incident. I drank it for several months without a problem. I posted a video here of the initial poking.

Thanks for the video. I have not used (nor have I seen the use of) a Coravin/Pungo before…

That’s pretty awesome. I’ve actually never opened a 5 litre before. That thing is freaking massive!

Yep, just stabbed the 1.5L and I am still alive to tell the tale.

Thanks all.

Wine is great by the way. Sure it helped being in large format, but the 2012 Bedrock Rose is still fresh and lively. Really enjoying it.

Great video! The air replacement is a straight 1/1 right? So other than using lots of argon to fill such a large cumulative space i don’t see any draw back, especially if sampling to check quality before committing to carrying a large format to a party/dinner.

I think it’s pretty much 1:1. I know that the Pungo folks say that there’s very little pressure change in the bottle with the way their needle valve is designed, so there isn’t a potential for a bottle blowing up. As to the argon amount, the cartridge is supposed to be good for 4-5 bottles supposedly. I didn’t have to change the cartridge before we had finished the 5-liter, which is 6-2/3 regular sized bottles if my public school math is holding up.