Anyone coming to the American Bar Association meeting in New York August 8-15?

We have a group in New York without a formal name but let’s call it the Attorney-Oenophiles networking group. I wouldn’t say only Big Ballers, but there is still a lot of great wine. We have people varying from senior partners at major law firms to young associates who Mollen was finally able to fire after they failed their one year performance improvement plan. I am trying to gauge interest from out-of-towners to attend a “special meeting” of our group during the ABA convention. I spoke to the President of the ABA lest week and I think she is interested in the idea. We normally meet in the conference room of one of our offices at 6 pm, each attendee brings a bottle of wine, and the host provides light food. At some point, we stop the reverie and we go around the room and each person gets 1 minute to describe their practice area, the wine they brought, and why they brought it.

If you expect to attend the ABA meeting in NY and would be interested in attending, please post below and when you will be in town. If there is sufficient interest, we will put something together.