Anyone catch the new Hells Kitchen?

The two hour premiere and nothing out of the normal to report…oh, except one guy calling Ramsay out to the parking lot to fight!! pileon

I watched it last night. I think it might be staged…nobody can be that big of a dickhead. Can they?

Gordon? Or the other dude?


I was waiting for them to stick a Philly Cheese steak between their mouths and start eating toward each other until they were making out and swapping spit.

Then I was waiting for Jerry Springer and Allen Funt to come out riding unicycles on the set, juggling dishes. (that’s when I set my hash pipe down…)

Man, that Gordon reminds me of some past employers. What a piece of work that show is.

Have you been to the Northeast?

Dude, where’s the smiley face thing, becuse you must be jesting?


I am an (north)east boy and cringe at the idiocracy of that guy’s attitude. as much as it’s a black mark on my home turf, somehow it makes me feel at home at the same time, if that makes any sense. probably not…