Anybody ever lose wine?

I must be going crazy. Somehow I lost wine. Has this happened to anyone else?

I bought some new racking, I had 6 bottles of wine set off to the side in a shipper.

I know I did not drink them…2 bottles each of 59 Lynch Bages, 82 Certan de May, 82 GPL.

Driving me crazy because I don’t have that much old wine anymore and I know they did not pass my lips.

Maybe they were “archived” when you were sleeping? [pillow-fight.gif]

Wife does’t drink and never goes into my cellar.

Do you reside near Philly?? [wink.gif]

Maybe I threw them out.

Nothing like this has happened to me.

I really wanted to put one into the bullpen.

Yes and it is never locked, but we are armed.

Maybe, it was “pruned”

It happened to me with 2 bottles. A really old Madeira and a mag of Swithcback PS. I’ve torn through the cellar several times but can’t find either.

I have a buddy who says the older you get the memory ain’t what it was. He said after 60 you can hide your own easter eggs! blahblah

It has happened to me, and usually they turn up in an unexpected corner a year or two down the road.

Heck, sometuimes it works the other way. I had two bottles of 2000 Pavie. Last year I decided to put them in the same place. it turned out I had three bottles. When did that happen? 2 months ago, I found a 2003 Marguax in my cellar. I still don’t remember buying that one at all. And it is a 99 point first growth. [smileyvault-ban.gif]

And the maddening thing, you’d know if you drank it.

I tore through the cellar twice.

Unless I put it into an old wooden case and closed it up perfectly making it look like an unopened case, which would never happen with my case opening and fastening skills.

Well, at least I am closer to 50 than 60.

I’m missing 8 bottles that CT says are in the cellar, and I can’t find them.
I KNOW I didn’t drink them.


thankfully it’s the opposite that aways happens to me… I discover wine that I completely forgot that I had!

It probably took 9 months or so.

Might be “vandalism.” [whistle.gif]


So you’re admitting that you’re a “point-chaser” for wines you’ve unexpectedly found in your cellar? [Gasp].

My cellar inventory, ahem, isn’t as up-to-date as it might be. Thus, there are times when I can’t find something I thought I had. But like Matt, it’s usually finding things I didn’t write down yet.


Do you have a cleaning lady? I’ve had a couple bottles disappear and that was about the only thing I could think of.

You mean someone hit the delete button? [dance-clap.gif]

(Deleting posts over there is considered vandalism. I committed that high crime recently on a relatively few, select posts)

No cleaning lady. I did have some work done in the basement recently adjacent to the wine cellar, but I doubt. I just searched again…they are gone…I could see throwing out a box with one bottle in it but not six, plus, we recycle shipper cardboard.

I don’t lock the doors, ever. Maybe someone came in.