Anybody drinking vintage Port ?

Just finished a superb 83 Dow.

LOVE Port and drink it all the time :slight_smile:

Most recent in the past couple weeks were…

2005 Niepoort VP
1955 Warre’s VP
1958 Warre’s VP
1955 Quinta do Noval VP
1958 martinez VP
Niepoort 30 year old Tawny
1970 Niepoort Colheita
1970 Quinta do Crasto Colheita

In the past couple of weeks???
Andy you are a hero neener

Burmeister Colheita 87 for me this Christmas; what little I have of vintage I’ll let sleep in my cellar (though I had the Niepoort 97 at a friends recently). I came across some cheap bottles of the Burmeister and it’s more than half decent. Though my real treat this Christmas will be a Ch Mosse 1934 Rivesaltes.

Anyone have any experience with Pocas?

Bought some 1976 Pocas Colhieta from KL for tomorrow.

You bet. Opening up a 1980 Gould Campell Vintage Port as I finish a Dennis Daringa 35 Year Old Tawny. I’m on a ridiculous Port acquisition streak to end this year off with.

1963 Fonseca teed up to go with the Stilton on Christmas Day!

Pocas doesn’t get a lot of main stream press for some reason. Maybe as their older stuff (bottling date wise) wasn’t exactly in the “top tier.” More recent bottlings I’ve had of their stuff has changed my earlier perception of this House. While still not in the “top tier” yet, they do produce some very nice things and are generally reasonably priced.

Let us know how the 1976 shows.

Have a '77 Taylor in the line up for Christmas.

77 Taylor and 77 Dow will be paired with a whole baby Stilton after Christmas dinner.

I’ll probably open another from my stash of '70 Grahams…

Just so good, and so consistent.

We had a bottle of '70 Warre’s last week. It was drinking well, but not as exciting as the last few '70 Dow’s.
There is another '70 Dow’s slated for Christmas.

P Hickner


How were the following?

Niepoort 30 year old Tawny
1970 Niepoort Colheita

Have a Niepoort 30 Year Tawny standing for Xmas. This one was bottled in 78 so will be interesting.

Yes. I last opened a 1995 Taylor Quinta de Vargellas for Thanksgiving. I do not drink it often because my wife and my sons hate it so it languishes too long in the decanter when I open one at home. I am looking for a good excuse to open a bottle of 1996 Nacional that is sitting in the cellar. I know it’s a baby but I have 2 of them and I’ve kept my hands off it for 5 years, so I may break down soon.

I’ve had both. Great wines. Enjoy.

So little, unfortunately. Most recent was a heat damaged 1977 Warres I opened at my last Leo’s blind dinner.

The 30 year rocked as always. An amazing bottle for sure. Being bottled that long I’d recommend decanting it (or letting it sit in the opened bottle) for about 4-6 hours. I’ve often found Niepoort Colheita’s which have been in bottle that long need some time to open up.

The 1970 was very good but this bottle wasn’t up to the level of another bottle I had earlier this year. Of course some of that may have been because it was paired next to the 1970 Crasto Colheita which was mind blowing.

A bottle off Nacional?
Call me [cheers.gif]


Andy ever have the Pochas 1970 Colehita?

Picture of the 30 Year Niepoort for tomorrow.

Opened a '85 Warre last weekend. Not sure if I’m opening a Port for tomorrow’s dinner or going for a Tokaji