Anybody drinking vintage Port ?

Here my first bottle of 2012
Graham 1985

Hell yes and tawnies and colheita’s too!

Probably going to open one up this weekend, maybe a 1970 Fonseca.

Totaly out off fashion in Holland, but this bottle of Graham is nice [cheers.gif]

Scott had a couple of 70 Fonseca’s this year. One was in my top 3 wines of the year. The other was good but not great. The outstanding one was xchateau, the other bottled in London.

1985 Graham is a fave of mine.

A couple of weeks ago a decent bottle of 1995 Churchill.

We just opened a bottle of 1977 Taylor Fladgate and it showed beautifully. For me, it is now becoming “Port weather.”

Cheers! [cheers.gif]

I hear ya. We are getting the early stages of what looks like a big Sierra snow storm.

I have some 77 Taylor and have not tasted a bottle for about 10 years. It was way too young then. Is it starting to come into form now?

Had a 1970 Fonseca last year that was in a perfect place.

In contrast the 1977 Taylor with some signs of seepage was still very dark and very young.

Enjoyed a wonderful 1963 Taylor’s just the other night. In a perfect place.

We had a 77 Delaforce which was light in color but very flavorful. A 77 Fonseca was superb showing no signs of getting too old.

Yup…quite drinkable and enjoyable yet in no danger of decline.

Marshall [cheers.gif]

The choise here was between the Fonseca 1977 and this Graham.
Anybody familiar with the Fonseca?
Cosy stuf this vintage Port, must drink this more [cheers.gif]

'Tis the season to be Porting…

There is some bottle variation with the Fonseca. Its a lovely port if you get one of the better bottles, 95+ points. If not, the ones I have would score like 90-92. Not bad just not as great as it could be.

I brought a bottle of 85 Graham to Paris ( where it was very well received.

Pierre-Alain called it Une bouteille exceptionnelle

Well, it’s summer here but that won’t stop me opening a VP…

I agree with Paul, its always the season for port.

Just popped a 96 Quinta de Vesuvio; way too early, according to this crowd, but was loving it on a chilly Friday night. Probably should have left some for Saturday… [cry.gif]

Not a Vintage, but drinking a 1996 Quevedo Colheita as I type.