Any Wine Lovers in Dallas Around My Age Group?

First of all, thank you so much for sharing your honest opinions and kindly pointing out the flaws when you could have simply ignored me. Then I would have continued to live my life making the same mistakes with a wrongful prejudice. You have my deepest gratitude.

Thank you for sharing this and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Discovering the best opportunity to open a bottle is an indescribable joy. One time, I gathered all my friends who told me that all wines taste the same and gave them a presentation with tastings. Friends who seemed to be uninterested at first, started asking me questions about the affect of vintages and that was really something. I did two cab, Napa (Grand Napa Vineyard, Oakville) vs Australia (Mollydooker), two same vintage bourgogne pinot noir, Hudelot Noellat vs Sylvain Cathiard (Unaffordable now sadly). Probably the most rewarding and interesting wine experience I had so far.

Very true. Right now I am obsessed with Beaujolais and how affordable and interesting Gamay is. Some Coteaux Bourguignons (pinot noir and gamay blend) are really mind blowing.

Spanish whites are definitely on my list to try. I heard great things about aged Spanish whites.
Riesling is a monster of a variety. High acidity, sweet (I find even trokens to be sweet), lots of good value.
I have never heard of this Spanish variety, txakoli. Wine Folly says lime, green strawberry, peony, dried herbs, saline? I am feeling the limit to my imagination.

I understand. I was surprised to find out myself that wine actually tastes better when shared. I wonder what the psychology or chemistry behind that is.

I understand. I regret my hurtful sarcasm and I certainly do not hold this viewpoint.

This was my prejudice and a wrongful one at that. If you allow me, I would like to explain.
I have to admit this stems from a bad experience I had in my previous wine group. There were a couple older people who looked down on what other people brought to share.
“I remember the days when this wine was way cheaper and it is certainly not worth this much” - It was interesting to hear at first, but they repeated this over and over again which made me question their intention.
“Oh, I’ve had better”
“I wouldn’t pay under $100 for a wine”
“I have tried many wine and now I only drink Bordeaux first growth. You will know soon enough”
That really intimidated a lot of newcomers and very upsetting to me. I guess after years of their company, I’ve developed this prejudice. Thanks for helping me realize this. I wish I met someone like you before them.

I would be ashamed to find out that he was joking. I ask for your understanding that as a new member here, oblivious to the WB’s culture, I felt attacked and bullied. It felt like I was being pressured to take advantage of older people.

Thank you.

I have actually held the same viewpoint until I met someone who has the most refined palate I came across but would gladly take a meiomi or belle glos. I was sure that she was not socially pressured to. That really changed my viewpoint that someone may not agree with the winemaking but enjoy it greatly.

This is always a fun talk. Which producer did well on this vintage, that appellation, so on. Something like, let’s find out which Burgundy producer handled acidity well on a hot vintage like 2018!

Some are guilty of this one here. But if you are just reading and haven’t paid for it yet, it might save you some money, instead of making you feel taken advantage of.

Those are assholes with money and without manners. The first one also lacks vocabulary. And the second one doesn’t love wine, they love labels.

I’ve never seen anyone like that around here. In fact, most of us want to discover the great wines before everyone else does. And we want to avoid wasting money. That’s part of why you’ll find such engagement with posts by William Kelley, Jasper Morris, Brad Baker, and others who travel to the areas (or live there) and report back. It’s also why you’ll find such engagement with producers like Marcus Goodfellow (and many others) who go into the weeds of winemaking and their regions. And it’s not just US producers. Sometimes we get lucky and someone like Gautier Roussille from Guillemot-Michel drops by. Neither of them makes wine that the label lickers you had experienced are likely to buy. But that’s our gain and their loss. Regular berserkers who don’t make wine or publish reviews but have immense knowledge are also constantly sharing it.

We’re not perfect. Some here are dogmatic. But except for two I have muted, none are the sort of people who seem to set out to ruin your day like those guys you were tasting with.

Somewhere around here there’s a thread on Berserker Zoom calls with winemakers. The sort of spirit on those calls is what you’re most likely to interact with here. They’re also very interesting videos you should really watch. (We should do more.)

Welcome to the board.


Regarding meiomi or belle glos; I guess it depends on the situation; if you’d drink it if there isn’t any other good options it might be better than some swill. If you brought it to a wine dinner that’s something different altogether.

Regarding the whole wine situation, it just depends on the setting. Generally people set some sort of guidelines for a wine dinner. If everyone is bringing aged grand cru burgundy and you bring meiomi, it’d probably be frowned upon.

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I started organizing wine events last year and I’m usually the youngest and least experienced at the table. I’m happy to invite some young guys if I can find them, but I love a group of wise and experienced tasters to learn from. And the wine they bring from their deep cellars is an added learning experience. When we drink the same wine side by side and I bring the '17 and they bring the '88 or '96, it’s fun for everyone and really special for me to learn more about the history.


As a guy in his late 30s I’d consider that a major pro.

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I can see that. Thank you.

Thankfully I was not blind to this but I was blind to my own subconsciousness.

Those posts are always great to read. I am grateful for them.

I did not know this was a thing! I will be on a lookout for the next one for sure. Thanks!

Thanks again for the warm welcome.

Hi Michael!

For sure, especially when the guideline was shared beforehand. That would trigger me too.

Hi Andrew!

What you have going on sounds like a lot of fun! I hope to find a group like this in the future. I remember when a friend brought a 1998 Beaucastel once and it was glorious.

Hi Luca!

A wine merchant once told me that your palate is most sensitive in the morning. I wonder if that’s actually true or if he wanted to sell me more wine. Haven’t tested his theory yet.

Bringing meiomei to a wine tasting is a crime punishable by ban. Flame away.

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I do like the cardboard boxes Meiomi uses. I got one from K&L for one of my purchases, and I’ve been reusing it ever since to transport wine. Almost as good as a Domaine box.

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Wait until young Sam finds out there are only about a bazillion of us wine tasters here in the DFW area. He’ll be truly downcast to discover that 95% of us are 40 or above. :wink:

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Hi Joe!

I meant no offense. I apologize if it made you feel uncomfortable.

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LMAO. My, offended? By something posted on the internet? :rofl:

Haha nice :grin:

Especially me. :rofl: But I do like to share.