Any travel tips in Mosel

I’m trying to hijack the family for a couple of days in the Mosel on a trip this summer. Of course a few winery visits, but also some nice walks/moderate hikes and taking in the scenic beauty. Any suggestions on the best base for such a trip and, even better, an English speaking guide who could help us navigate the area for a few days? Any suggestions are most welcomed!

Kelly’s your man,Henry.


Hi Henry,
I’ve been fortunate enough to spend about 9 months on the Mosel, splitting time between Bernkastel-Kues, Trier, and Mertesdorf (on the Ruwer, near Trier). The region is certainly one of the great European landscapes, and you should see some beautiful things during your visit.

In the summer, the villages come alive with wine festivals, events, live music, etc. To a general tourist, i would recommend using Cochem or Traben-Trarbach as a base. Both are relatively large, attractive, and fun. Traben-Trarbach is not on the main train route between Trier and Koblenz, and thus requires a short connection. As a wine love, however, i would suggest Bernkastel as a base. It is simply gorgeous, lively, well-positioned for vineyard walks (all the villages are, actually), and in the center of the region’s quality wine production. However, like Traben-Trarbach, a bus connection (about a 25 minute ride) is required to catch the main rail line.

A simple bike ride along the meandering river is unforgettable. Allow ample time (perhaps a full day) for the city of Trier and (about a half day) for Koblenz. The scenery on the Saar and Ruwer tributaries is also spectacular, but there is little in the way of sites. The Weingut Karlsmuhle, on the Ruwer, has an excellent restaurant and some great wine that is worth a visit. Directly across the street is Maximin Grunhaus, and Karthauserhofberg is a stone’s throw away. On the whole, however, i think that the Saar and Ruwer both lack the vibe and energy of the Middle-Mosel in the summertime.

There are also some great side trips off the Mosel, and i would be happy to share some of these if you are interested.


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