any recommendations for winery visits in the languedoc?

Going to be staying outside Barcelona fora couple of weeks, and was thinking of making the 2hr drive to the Languedoc region. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


Come hang out at my vineyard in Carcassonne! :slight_smile:" onclick=";return false;

If you can’t come this far, check out Domaine Treloar in the Roussillon. A brit and kiwi making wine near Perpignan. Very interesting variety of wines.

A couple other names you might want to check out: Oustal Blanc in Minervois la Liviniere, Estanilles in Faugeres, Mas du Soleilla in La Clape.

And you can get a feel for some of the winemakers in our region at my website" onclick=";return false;

Self-promo over. It would be a pleasure to hang out. :slight_smile:

Also, not to tell you how to spend your whole vacation, but there are a lot of cool wines in and around Barcelona. The Frexinet cave is literally the largest winery I’ve ever seen. It’s not a moon, it’s a space station. And the Emporda region is sort of on the way to the Languedoc with some interesting estates. Something to think about!


I represent a few wineries in the area, both in Emporda and the Languedoc (Cabardes, Minervois, St Chinian and Picpoul). If you’re interested, let me know where you think you’ll be and I’ll set up some visits.
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Thanks very much. Email sent.


I just checked in with a friend of mine who is partners in Chateau des Karantes, I will PM you his contact info. You can see the Med Sea from their property!


Where you’re staying, I think you’re too far for most of my French wineries (except perhaps La Bouscade in Puicheric, which is about 2 hours away). Your best bet would be to visit Bodegas Empordalia, a winery near Pau that I am working with.

The wines of the Emporda region are really neat, you get the Spanish heat, but due to the high altitudes and constant wind (Tramontana, like the Mistral in the Rhone), the grapes maintain their acidity and minerality. I wrote a report here about my visits in the area:" onclick=";return false;
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We are about 20 mins from the Spanish border so 2 hours by car from Barcelona. We’d be happy to entertain you for an hour or two and give you further ideas for visiting wineries.

Thanks Jon.

PM sent.

Yet another ITB guy chiming in:

I represent a few wineries in Roussillon (closest to Barcelona), I own a vineyard there but don’t live there and have no winery. I also represent a number of Languedoc producers.

Please PM me if interested in visiting any of my producers or tasting my wines. I will be happy to set up any appointments you want.

Best regards,

Dan Kravitz

Chateau de Negly. I would love to visit this place- love the wines!