Any recommendations for restaurants in Phoenix airport?


Oddly enough, their Cinnabon got a Michelin star two years ago. It’s not to be missed!

Anyone other than Chris?

While not in the airport it’s close - I’ve heard good things -

Nice idea but they’ll be closed when Arnold has his layover (late dinner time).

They did a good job of reaching out to loca restaurants when they expanded Terminal 4. If you are there I would recommend: La Grande Orange, Barrio Cafe, Humble Pie, 4 Peaks or Delux.

Little Miss BBQ is first rate, BTW, but not at Sky Harbor and an hour plus wait for lunch.

Isn’t Joe’s BBQ there now? I’ve been enjoying the one in Gilbert for many years.

In addition to those Josh already mentioned, Terminal 4 has Zinc Bistro and Chevraunt’s Wine Bar. Lots of good options if you are flying AA or SWA.