Any Reccos for Port Clyde, ME and Environs?

We’ve decided to hit the road and spend a week in Port Clyde next month in connection with our dropping our son off at school in NY and helping our daughter move back from Boston.

Interested in any recommendations for food, hiking, boating and other adventures in the vicinity. We’re not interested in indoor dining or drinking at this point

Lots of local lobster pounds. Lobsters are very cheap now.

Thanks, Victor. We’re staying near the docks. I’m the only one in my family that eats them - I told the wife and kids that they are on their own for food

If you need cold beer, guns and wedding gowns, this is your place.

One-stop shop for shotgun wedding and reception.

It has been a few years since I’ve made it that direction but, in Rockland, Primo is great. Conte’s 1894 Restaurant was fun but it closed. If you can track down John Conte, I’m sure he is making great food somewhere in the area.

Not too far from where you’ll be, McLoon’s lobster shack was in my top 2-3 of around 20 we hit during a Maine road trip a few years ago.

If you are staying over night or longer, there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine depending on what state you are coming from.

Yup. Thanks. We’re trying to figure out how to time a 3 day COVID test given unpredictable timelines for results. Maybe we’ll just drive there and have them deliver lobsters. Thankfully, we’re on the water

FYI, they’re tracking visitors by ez pass and are heavily fining people. It’s not an empty threat

Yeah, We had booked 4 nights in Belfast and 3 in Kennebunkport last month and our host in Belfast gave us a heads up so we cancelled and are now going to the Adirondacks as PA is not one of the quarantine states yet in NY.

We got tested on a Saturday (back in June) at a state facility and then flew on a Tuesday morning. Our results came in while we were at the airport on Tuesday, so three days. We just did it as a part of our due diligence since we were staying at my brother’s camp. The only time you’ll be asked is when checking in for lodging I think. You’re probably best off going to a paid lab to get results faster. I got tested again on 7/26 and didn’t get results for five days.

I’d like to know how this works. How do they know who has been tested or not? I flew to Portland and rented a car. I was never once asked for proof of test results.

couldn’t tell you, i’m not a gov employee and i’m not planning on taking any trips to Maine any time soon (this isn’t a smart ass response)

A friend of mine went to Passport Health and got his result in 15 minutes. Cost $160 though.

Of all the places in the country to visit, I’d wager that Maine is one of the safest. The only issue we had was when we walked around downtown Portland. My daughter needed a restroom and there just aren’t any available.

Maine is not fining people.