Any Napa pros want to take a crack at this one?

Any idea who this may be? Igneous?
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An Ultra Rare Napa Cabernet -(we are precluded from revealing its source)

One of the best Napa Cabernet’s under $60 that we have tasted in the last three years. Produced by Kurk Venge maybe the hottest young winemaker in Ca. The wine itself comes from one of the Napa Valley’s Super Premium wineries whose Cabernet retails for $125-$150. This is not a second label but actually the extra barrels of the 2006 vintage of this same wine. The wine is full bodied, yet elegant on the palate. It is wonderfully complex, loaded with fruit and posesses a distinct sense of minerality. An exceptionally balanced and totally seductive wine.

(Product description)

UNIT SIZE: 750.00 ml
VARIETAL: Cabernet Sauvignon
COUNTRY: United States
REGION: Napa Valley
Product Description:
Adele Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Producer notes:
Under the Adele Cellars label we bottle and sell a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon produced by Kirk Venge, one the hottest young winemakers in CA. We cannot reveal the source of the wine, however we can provide some details. The wine is purchased from a premium Napa Cabernet producer whose label sells for $600 per six-pack wholesale. This cuvee is not a second label made by X, rather it is extra barrels of the wine itself. The fruit for the Adele 2006 comes two vineyards, Thorevilos in St. Helena and Huckfeldt in Coombsville. Both vineyards are managed by David Abreu. The Thorevillos vineyard has produced 100 point wines (Robert Parker) under the Abreu label. Mr. Abreu sells fruit from this vineyard to only two people, Mr. Huckfeldt and David Bowler.

I’m no Napa pro but this looks like an “escape valve” wine from a normally very high priced producer. I think we will be seeing a LOT of those soon…

Not a Napa pro Mike, but isn’t Thorevilos co-owned by Ric Forman?

Never heard of it. I see it is for sale all over the east coast for 29.99 and up. It doesn’t appear to be available on the west coast. If it wasn’t for the showing of a previous vintage, I would suspect it is the auctioned lots of Kirkland Ranch which went bankrupt last year.

I’ll do some more checking.

Not sure Jack. I have been googling and came up with Igneous so far.
I grabbed two even though the best price was the same as I paid.
(even though RP gave it only 90) :slight_smile: The Igneous that is.

Came up ith this from Igneous:

The grapes for this wine come from both the Thorevilos Vineyard, located in the eastern hills of St. Helena at the base of Howell Mountain, which is owned and managed by David Abreu, and our estate Huckfeldt Ranch Vineyard, located in the Coombsville area of east Napa and also managed by David Abreu. The Thorevilos Vineyard is characterized by the cool mornings and long afternoons. The fruit has big tannins which are able to fully ripen due to the long days in the summer. The soil is a volcanic white tuff with imbedded rock fragments, which allows for good drainage. The Huckfeldt Ranch Vineyard is an intermingling of alluvial and colluvial materials that have weathered from the surrounding hills – mostly gravels and cobbles derived from basic igneous and rhyolitic volcanic materials in the local upland outcrops. The orientation of the vines were planted to deflect the possibility for sunburn on the berries during the hottest part of the day, while still allowing for even sun on both sides of the canopy.

I sure love the internet!

Interesting term, escape valve. Is that a industry term Roberto?
I guess we will see many more. Just recently I unearthed one from Rudd, thier 2005 Oakville bottling under different label. Not $80 but under $35.

No idea, but if these folks (in the “about the producer” section) signed a non-disclosure in the purchase agreement with me, they would be getting a phone call about now. With all the hints, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out if you spend a little bit of time.

“I’m not going to tell you who I got it from, but it starts with an “H” and rhymes with Marlin”

And whoever sent the email thinks Kirk is the hottest young winemaker around (which is probably true) but can’t spell his name correctly?

Its winestilsoldout

“Interesting term, escape valve. Is that a industry term Roberto?”

That’s short hand for “We can’t sell 5000 cases at $150 so put some on another label and deal it out to good clients at $30 so we can pay the bills this month.”

The lucky client does well in this scenario, no?

I have tasted plenty of crappy $150.00 cabs that were not worth $30.00 either. pileon

I guess they think that selling them exclusively in the east coast will make it more difficult to trace them to their origin. I am surprised that there has not been more. As Mike said, great for the consumers.

True. The one I mentioned (Garys Go Figure 3) has been tasted by someone who has opinion I trust, me.

CellarTracker reviews on this wine have been less than stellar.

$10 2005 Dayton Cab Mystery Wine > this. 380 cases from a top oakville winery/winemaker of a mysterious source. Purchased at Wing Hop Fung in LA.

Also when i see “extra barrels” i think, “these barrels aren’t up to snuff to include in our normal bottles”

Here is an interesting one liner, the opening line from a from ct note of an un-named wine:
Drank too long ago to remember this wine.

So I say, why bother?

On the Igneous website it states that the “Huckfeldt” vineyard was planted in 2003.

A 2006 vintage Cabernet, utilizing juice from vines that were planted in 2003… That might be a factor in the so-called low retail pricing.


Also when i see “extra barrels” i think, “these barrels aren’t up to snuff to include in our normal bottles”

Well…um…duh neener

You don’t sell your best barrels off. Maybe you already made the blend, looked at sales numbers and projections and then decided to punt some of it, but you still go through and cull out your least favorites.

Maybe you would have felt comfortable bottling what you sell off to these folks, maybe not. Of course, all the negoces will say that these were just extra barrels of the blend that the original winery didn’t want to (or couldn’t afford to) bottle…I haven’t seen one of these labels yet proclaim that they were the 2.2 bar pressings of so and so…yet, 10 - 20% of all wine out there is hard-pressings? That volume’s going somewhere…