Any insight into Southern Rhone?

Any thought on upcoming 2015 vintage?

On the other board there were a few people that had pretty good insight into Southern Rhone wines. Since I left there I feel I might be missing out on a few gems, other than Clos de Papes, Pegau that I usually buy.

It’s a nice area and they make good wines. You should check them out sometime.

2015 was a very strong year. I tasted through a lot of the Gigondases at a professional tasting last summer (I had a friend who let me in) and I’ve tasted a handful of CdPs from barrel. They are strong wines, probably in the vein of10 more than 07 or 03, but a warm, sunny vintage.

I like the sound of that [cheers.gif]

Yes, I’m amazed of how much info one gets from a measly 100 bucks… champagne.gif
I’m currently preparing 549 notes from that area solely from the (mostly) wonderful vintage, 2007. Would gladly post these here as well, but when I asked in another thread if anybody were interested in a dissenting voice from the one in vogue here, there was what Simon and Garfunkel had their big breakthrough hit with in the sixties…

As to the 2015, I’ll know a lot more in exactly one month after having attended the annual Printemps des Chateauneneuf-du-Pape where about 80 top producers present the relevant vintage (2015).
However, from my last visit in November, and from the splendid reviews already available from the aforementioned source of info, I can tell you that it is a good, but not legendary vintage.

BUT the already made 2016 will - according to an almost unanimous view - be exactly that, LEGENDARY [wow.gif]


Holy Crow Peter you are who I was speaking of from the other board. I must have missed your post. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Early reports and early tastings I have had of 16 are all very positive. If legendary means like 07, I don’t think either vintage will be like that. I should say that while I’m not a hater of well-made 07s, it is not my favorite vintage. 01 and 10 to my mind far surpass it in the first decade of the aughts. So for that matter do 04, 05, 06 and 09. I expect both 15 and 16 to be more like 09 and 10 (remember that for many, 09 was on the overripe side as well) than like 07 or 03.

Certainly an excellent vintage - when tasting thru some cellars in CdP last September I though kind of "a mixture of 2010 and 2009, or 2001 and 2000 … "

Nevertheless, I´ve heard that 2016 might be better still … however nothing tasted so far - will be there in late summer …

I am not into CNdP wines so won’t comment about the wines but I happened to be visiting that area for holiday in both 2015 and 2016 and they were both hot years. More so 2015. Was not there in 2003 or 2007 so cannot compare the climate from those years.