Any info on the status of Pop's Wines in Island Park after Hurricane Sandy?

For the past ten days I’ve been trying to email someone at Pop’s Wines in Island Park NY to have them ship my wines there, but the emails keep getting returned as undelivered. A few days ago I checked the website, which is down and it still is as of today. When I called twice today I got a continuous busy signal.

There was no reference to Pop’s in the thread about Chelsea Wines, and at the time it didn’t occur to me that they might have Sandy-related damage. So I’m wondering if any of you know their status vis-a-vis Hurricane Sandy, whether the business was flooded, etc.

Island Park was hit hard by the hurricane, and suffered a lot of follow on damage from the nor’easter. Oceanside and Long Beach have gotten more coverage, but Island Park is between them and was hit just as hard.

I’m on the North Shore and just got my power back yesterday and 30% of my town is still without power. The South Shore is going to take a lot longer. Here we are only dealing with wire and pole damage from all the fallen trees, there the flooding has devastated the infrastructure. Hopefully things will turn around soon, but the flood damage was extensive. LIPA’s response so far has been terrible everywhere but has been absolutely horrendous in the South Shore areas where the infrastructure took the biggest hit. Here’s a link to an article in the Long Island Press about Island Park. It doesn’t mention Pop’s, but you can assume they are in the same situation as everyone else.

I visited Pop’s once - years and years ago - and, if the store more recently bore any resemblance to the store that I saw, way back when, then it was NOT prepared for any flooding or water damage.

It was very old school back then - narrow little labyrinthine aisles, snaking all over the place, with wines stacked from floor to ceiling - like one of those ancient used bookstores that we used to have [back in the paleolithic, before B&N and Amazon and whatnot].

Frankly, it was the kinda place where you wondered whether they mighta needed special dispensation from the Fire Marshall just to do business.

Uh-oh. Pop’s is on Long Beach Road. This doesn’t sound good at all.

Wow. Don, I am in the same boat.
That link puts things in perspective, however.
For me, it’s only wine. Much bigger issues for the residents there.

UPDATE: I spoke to Michael Crafa at Pop’s Wines in Island Park today. They got power and telephone service back on Wednesday and are open for business. Their website is still down as it is serviced by the local cable provider. The website may not be available for another week. But anyone wishing to reach Pop’s can call (516) 431-0025.

Michael assured me that customers who previously purchased wines from Pop’s have nothing to worry about. The wines purchased by customers awaiting shipment are stored in the warehouse on the second floor (along with incoming wines). There was no water damage in the warehouse area. Pop’s personnel also got an electric generator operating on the day after the storm to keep the cooling equipment in the warehouse running. There was some very modest water damage on the first floor in the inexpensive/jug wine section, but the fine wines section of the store had no water damage.

That must be a relief!

Absolutely. I’ve been buying certain burgundies from Pop’s for a couple of decades and I gulped when I realized that the wines in their warehouse might be in jeopardy.

A further update from Pop’s —

Nick Poulos, the owner of Pop’s, sent out an email about 3 pm (NY time) today stating that they now have their website back up. Here’s Nick’s email:

  • It’s been a wild ride.

As many of you are aware we have experienced the worst storm that the south shore of Long Island has seen since at least the 1930’s.

Fortunately, we sit on the highest point in Island Park and since it is a coastal community, we have no basement and we store our wines on the second story, which remained totally dry. We put all our computers/servers on the 2nd floor, and damage was limited.

Let me say this:

I have the best employees in the USA!!

Most of them came to work. They had their own problems to deal with, but they came in and worked tirelessly to clean us up. This kind of loyalty simply does not exist in so many business environments. We powered a generator and opened for business, albeit limited business.

Father Tutone, of the local church and at the end of his sermon said, “Don’t despair, Pop’s is open!”

We had no phone, no internet and no power. So we were invisible to the world.

We got our power back on Tuesday, and our internet about an hour ago.

As I’m writing this I’m deeply touched by the number of emails and phone calls we’ve received wishing us the best.

Nick Poulos

… and the best employees in the USA!