Any good wine shops in Delaware or New Jersey?

Keep posting your hauls and let us know your thoughts on your wine shop sojourns

Grapes best deals are his email

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WTSO out of New Jersey with free shipping has been know to have a few good deals.

Another suggestion to visit Amanti Vino. You have to go out of your way, but damn do they have a carefully curated selection of interesting wine!

Amanti Vino is only 2.7 miles west from the Garden state Parkway. It is essentially on the same road as Bottle King Glenridge which is 1.1 miles west from Garden State Parkway. Small detour if not traversing the Turnpike. If heading South from CT, turnpike junction is picked up again about 20 miles south of this point to continue to DE.

It is a small detour distance wise to got to Amati Vino. The issue is that it could take you 20+ minutes to find a parking spot. Lol. There is the parking deck of course, but that still adds time.

Is there still a parking deck at the YMCa on park street?
That should be easy in/out and about 1 block from Amanti. Also a deck directly behind the store

But you are right Mike. Not as convenient as pulling right up. They do have a few spots (2-3) at the back entrance to the store and u might be able to snag one depending on time of day

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The Crescent Deck sits right behind Amanti and is fairly painless in and out, but it does get slammed on the weekends and fills up quickly