Any Good Cabs from the Paso Robles Area?

Any Good Cabs from the Paso Robles Area?

Adelaida Cellars “Viking Estate” Cabernet Sauvignon has been a Napa-stomper in my prior experience. With Mr Jeremy Weintraub at the wheel, it ought to be stellar nowadays… :slight_smile:

But don’t take my word for it:



Second L’Aventure.
Halter Ranch.
Boycott Justin.

Sticking with your metaphor, these are triple D!!

Big wood, high octane!!


boycott justin? is that westside paso? :wink:

jokes aside, justin is a joke. their business practices and wine.

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Daou… Lots of different levels of cabs to choose from too.

I’m not a fan of most of the Justin wines but I still really like the isosceles.

I am in the same boat, dropped off their wine club but pick up the isosceles when I see it at a good price at the local wine shop

RN Estate

Chateau Margene

I’m not a fan of most of the Justin wines but I still really like the isosceles.

Changed ownership a while ago and the new owners are not wine people. The wine isn’t as good either. They are the people who own Fiji water and who developed pomegranate as a “thing” for Americans.

+1 on Daou. Terrific cabs, many options and truly amazing tasting options. Tasting a bit pricey. Wines are all affordable given their quality.

WRT Isosceles, I haven’t noticed a significant change. Granted that’s based on only 2011 and 2012 as I haven’t tried a more recent vintage. But I was worried so did try those to convince myself it was safe to keep buying. I have noticed the alcohol levels have crept up on more recent vintages so I guess I will be pulling one out to try with the hanger steak tomorrow.

We visited and even stayed on the ground in 2011 after the sale. Talked to a lot of the winery staff about it and they indicated that not much changed from their perspective. Things were still as they were before at that time. Justin was still heavily then but I’m not sure if that’s still the case today.

But Justin’s winemaker moved to Halter Ranch just after the sale, so things have changed.

Paso also does a big Cab tasting and seminar every year - you may want to look into that and see what folks had to say about it. I believe that Matt K from Wine Enthusiast perhaps wrote it up?

As far as Justin goes, they have certainly made some changes as the Wonderful Company has expanded their vineyard holdings and offerings. I know folks who chose to boycott them, and others who continue to enjoy their wines as much as they always have, so YMMV . . .


Justin’s Right Angle is mostly cabernet; the other grapes make it the pick for us.

Petite Syrah, Petite verdot, and Malbec; i think the mix % can vary a little from year to year.

So many good Paso wines, but I just don’t associate the region with good cabs. I’ve had “grocery store” level cabs: Justin, Liberty School, Tobin James and a few others that are really sub par and not worth buying again. Great Zin, Grenache, Syrah and blends from the area.