Any Experience With Old Monthelie ?

Visited My favorite wine shop today, and bought this 1969 Louis Jadot, Monthelie villages.
1969 Jadot Monthe 2 (444x800).jpg
1969 Jadot Monthelie 3 (675x800).jpg
1969 Jadot Month 4.jpg
Anyone tried old Monthelie’ ?
-I only know they aren’t build for extended cellaring.

Regards, Soren.

I had a magnum of 1966 Pierre Ponnelle bottled Hospices de Beaune Monthelie two weels ago. It was glorious

Looks in great condition; should be fantastic, particularly given the year.

I’ve had a few older Montheile over the last couple of years, including a '66 Hospices de Beaune (think it was a 1er Cru but can’t remember which one). It was a bit tired but still really enjoyable. Needed some time in the bottle to get rid of some damp sock fumes but once they were gone it was still remarkably alive.

Earlier this year, I purchased and consumed a 1978 Drouhin Monthlie: It was quite tasty and relatively vibrant.

Thanks for telling the positive stories.

Older litterature, recommends between 4 and 8 years bottle age !
Monthelies very sunny hills, should yield a fairly strong juice. Many with plenty of tannins.
The ingredients for aging are present.

I guess I’ll pick up a second bottle today, and open one in the autumn. (Price is sub $100.)

Kind regards,

Absolute no brainer. Great year, bottle looks to be in superb condition and the price is outstanding. Monthelie can age just as long as Chambertin. You just wont get the same depth and complexity.

Thx. for encouraging Me further, Jeremy.
Actually two more in the shop. Same condition.
Will take them both now, within the hour.


-And here, the triplets reunited.
1969 Jadot Monthelie x3 (768x1024).jpg
Fills are lower on the two new. -Of course, as I picked the best one first. -But not critical at all.

Pics taken right after a long and bumpy transport, so a bit opaqueness is expected, and all three will soon shine as rubies. (I saw it in the shop.)

I will definitely drink one this autumn, now that I got the extras.
1969 L J Month (768x1024).jpg

Great little family you have there. Can really see from the colour which one you bought first!

Hi Loren,

The colors look great and the bottles should be superb. The commune can age very nicely and Jadot’s '69s are very nicely structured in style and this should dovetail nicely with your Monthelie. Enjoy.