Any Comments/Opinions on 2009 Janasse Line-Up (esp. in comparison to '07)

The 2009 Domaine de la Janasse has hit my local retailer’s shelves. Have enjoyed this Domaine over the years, and bought quite a bit of the '07 from the lovely and structured CDRs to the cuvees, Chaupin and VV. The cuvees were massive and with the VV showing very high in alcohol, but I really enjoyed the CDRs, especially the Terre d’Argile. I had the '07 Chaupin last year again and enjoyed it as well, but not a wine for the classicists. At least on paper, the praise heaped on Chaupin and VV by TWA for the '09 vintage suggest that the '09 versions have a similar scale.

Any opinions on the 09 line-up from anyone who has tried them yet?

Many thanks.


I’m interested to hear some input as well, because I bought some of the Cuvee Chaupin on a whim.

They are pretty awesome…

If you liked 2007 you will love 2009. The VV is epic…and the Chaupin is strong as well. I always buy some of both for myself. I do tend not to buy the regular CDP as I spend those dollars on Marcoux CDP.

ZZzzzzzzzzz… …

Has '07 soured the Board on '09 CDP!? [wow.gif]

Anyone else, Buehler?