Any BYOB Restaurants in Manhattan?

Probably has been covered before but wondering about doing a tasting of our stuff for individuals when I come back that way in April.

Thanks for the help!

Adam Lee
Siduri Wines

Absolutely." onclick=";return false; has a very comprehensive list. Board members here have some pull and/or connections with places that may or may not allow BYO on a regular basis. Maybe the starting point, Adam, would be deciding how many heads you would like to include in this and the type of food you’d prefer to have with your wines.

Hi Adam -

Tartine - west village
no reservations, no corkage fee

hope all is well -


If it’s open to non-ITBers, I’d post it in the Offline Section and folks can organize and figure out a restaurant. Lots of good places, and as Jorge says, some of us have pull at some of them.

Plenty of places.

Its a ways off still - Monday night May 3 – so have some time. Just didn’t know of recommendations on places that were especially good. Hope to bring a special guest too!

Adam Lee
Siduri Wines

Apiary- Corkage free every Monday night. Food is great.

You should book Apiary now, at least so you have a plan." onclick=";return false;

Hi Adam,

Long time! Strongly recommend Tribeca Grill if you can swing a Monday night (that is their no corkage night). They decant, have great stemware and excellent service.

Best, Loren

PS. I have a pic of one of my boys holding the 3L of 96 Siduri Vanderkamp pinot you made for them with their birth announcement lasered on it when they were born. They are 13 now! I should send it to you. Edit:See attached (Drank it on their 13th birthday in October - delicious)!