Antigua - any recommendations?

I’m thinking of taking the family to Antigua, specifically the St. James Club. Anyone ever been there? Any other recommendations for the island? I have two kids - 15 & 10.


My wife and I stayed at the SJC in early June of 2008. Also stayed at a Jolly Harbour area private villa we found on and several days at a timeshare on the N side of the island, next door to a Sandals…would not recommend this one.

The SJC has an awesome setting since it lies on a peninsula with the Atlantic coming in on one side, and a large calm bay on the other. We would lay on the bay side until 2 oclock or so when it just got to hot, then move over to the Atlantic side since there was always a nice breeze. Never had a problem finding chairs, except on the sun dock that lies on the bay side. On both sides the guy comes around in the golf cart about every 30 minutes dispensing libations. Pool is good, with awesome views…I have some pics here somewhere…

Activities…beach volleyball, tennis, sea kayaks and little sailboats that were great for the bay. We also did a snorkel trip from the resort that was only about a 10 minute boat ride offshore. Also did a jeep tour, combined with a snorkeling and kayak tour of a National Park island.

I’ll see if I can find those pics and post more…


Thanks so much. My wife is a bit hesitant as they have a dress code for dinner, we’re more of a casual dress type when on vacation. Is the place stuffy?

How casual?


That’s pretty close. [middle-finger.gif]

Just keeding bud. Here:

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Hope it helps a bit. Bring me back a coconut.

I know. Thanks for the link. Finding a flight that is less than 10hrs with layovers is not easy. Jeeze!

Tell me about it. Wanted to go to Barbados later this year for anniversary and had two options:

  1. $700/ticket


  1. 9+ hours of travel time.

Thanks airlines! [head-bang.gif]

stayed at sandals back in 02. not the most attractive island once you leave the resorts. We went downtown and there really wasn’t anything worth seeing. didn’t make it to nelson dockyard or english harbour. Locals on the beach can be pretty annoying trying to sell you anything and everything. They wait for you to step off property and onto the beach.

You sure it wasn’t the other way around? neener

Some flights are 31hrs with layovers!!! [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] Sign me up!!!

“Yo Mon, wanna buy a conch shell?”, “Only if you want to buy this magnum of '96 Lafite!”

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Oh, poor Jordan…


As for dress, my wife had a few sundresses that she would wear to dinner w/sandals. I had a pair of dockers with a couple of collared golf shirts w/sandals…we looked better than most of the Canadians and all the Brits [stirthepothal.gif] just kidding, in that attire we on neither end of the spectrum…right where I like to be!
There is a large buffet dining room, as well as 3-4 specialty restaraunts, we had no prob getting reservations at any…could be a diff story in the winter months though.

Thanks Chris, we’re thinking of late July. I was a bit worried about long sleeves and pants in the dead of summer.