Anthill Farms Mailer on Sept 5th

My gut feeling is that the 2010 offerings from AF coming from Anderson Valley and Comptche as well as some syrahs are about ready to go live in the very near future. But I have no inside info to support this.
As always this is definitely one of my fav PN offerings. Recently drank an '08 Comptche, which was amazing and memorable. Intense and simultaneously elegant. [cheers.gif]
I know that I’m probably the only person here who feels that these wines (especially for this offering) eclipse Rivers-Marie and Rhys. But that is honestly how I feel.
Finally, can’t say how disappointed I was in not catching the chard this summer as I was abroad when it came in.

Their web site says offer up on Sept 5.

Chad, Thanks, You did better than me. After your message I checked and I get URL not found, so they might be changing for the ordering.

So how soon before the offer goes live does the email typically arrive? Hoping to make it onto the allocation list this time around - after joining the mailing list too late for the Spring offer Web told me he thought they might have room in the Fall…

Steve, In my experience they give no warning. But you’ll have 1 or 2 weeks with a guaranteed allocation (except for the late spring/summer release which is first come first served, and some times for the syrahs as well.) It also pays to ask for extras if you feel that you are not offered enough of a certain wine.

I probably like the AF pinots more than R-M pinots, and have had some AFs that were quite Rhys-like, so I think they are at least in the same league generally; you may not be as alone as you think in your view.

They should neve have released the '08 Anderson Valley. It still stinks and stings.

Agreed. I dumped five and kept one as a science experiment.

I drank 2, gave a few away to see if others tasted what I tasted and have 2 left sitting around.

Would be interesting to see if the smoke notes are still as expressive.

I agree it wasn’t a great bottle. Meantime they are one of the few producers that have held the line on pricing. Their SVD’s are $44 (up from $42 iirc) and syrahs were $28 while Copain, Ceritas and Rhys are all $60+. They’re a pretty pro-consumer label IMO. Did you try sending the 2008’s back by the way?

I sent an email, but got no response.

I order a case in total, 2 orders of 6. I sent 6 back and offered to exchange the bottles for anything else they had just so they could keep my purchasing money. They were sold out so just refunded. Good service, love their wines - just don’t think they should have released the 08 AV.

MacPhail and many others just scrapped them altogether. It was an unfortunate circumstance.

I’m like Alan. I very much prefer Anthill Farms wines to Rivers-Marie. So you are not alone, Peter.

As for the '08 Anderson Valley appellation blend, I agree with the comments above that this was an unfortunate circumstance. But I’ve moved on, granting a Mulligan to AHF. So it is equally unfortunate (IMO) to see this thread prompting multiple people to bring up that old subject yet again. I doubt that the AHF guys realized exactly what they had, at the time the decision was made. Certainly there were many consumers who tried the wine and praised it, here on the wine boards. So I think they deserve a Mulligan. And when you really think about it, how many wine producers have a perfect record of never releasing a disappointing wine? Probably none. And many of the “lemons” have been far more costly than $33 per bottle!

Also a big fan of the AF wines, especially the ones in the fall release (Demuth, Abbey Harris).

With respect to the '08 Anderson Valley wine, I’m in the camp that believes they deserve a mulligan. If I remember correctly they acknowledged in their release letter, even if indirectly, that the quality was not what they wanted and also lowered the price (maybe down to $20/bottle?).

I’m a big fan of both Anthill Farms and Rhys, but I don’t find them all that similar, other than in the broadest sense of being in the “lower alcohol side of the California pinot spectrum.” To grossly generalize, AF pinots are more velvety, delicate and feminine, while the Rhys pinots are crunchier, earthier, stemmier, and more of a (male?) wine-geek cerebral type of experience. Just in my humble non-expert opinion, of course. Each is great in its own way.

I didn’t like the infamous 08 Anderson Valley at all and I think they made a mistake (they poured it at their pickup day that year which I attended with my wife, and I had to persuade her not to want to drop off the list afterwards, which she is now quite happy we did not do), but it was merely a single mistake in what is an impressive and growing body of work for AF.

Given the price on the '08 AV I found it easy to forgive. Other board darlings have released more expensive flawed wines (brett, severe reduction etc.) without being chastised again and again and again.

I also, like Chris, agree that the Rhys and AF styles are quite different in style.

Has anyone had an enjoyable Abbey Harris yet? I’ve popped a couple 06s and an 07 in the past 12-18 months and found them unbalanced and occassionally a bit hot in the case of the 06s. I am hoping they are shut down, but admit to being concerned. My experiences with Demuth and Comptche OTOH have been very pleasurable.

I had both of those AH wines on release and they were amazing. I retried the '06 AH about a year ago and found it disjointed and completely shut down. Other people have had better experiences more recently, but I suspect that this might be a wine that requires several more years to smooth out.

In an overall sense, I’m not arguing that AF and Rhys are similar in style, but I have had at least one AF bottling, the 2010 Tina Marie, that reminded me of Rhys at this year’s IPOB and I remarked on it to Anthony F. He might have been hunoring me, but he did say he could see a similarity to the Rhys Alesia Falstaff from a few years back and thought the similarity might come from stem inclusion.

Otherwise, I agree that the AF wines seem a little more approachable in style. I think the quality is comparable to a lot of board favorites, at slightly lower prices. When their SVDs price out at the same price as appellation bottlings from other producers, there’s real value proposition here.

Anyone know when it goes live? I figured 9 PST, but nothing yet on website.