Antelope Canyon Help (Page, AZ) - Stuff to Eat, See, Do?

Heading there for a photography (hobby) trip for a couple of days…

I’m on guided photo tours (required I believe) of both lower and upper canyons… Gonna go see Horseshoe bend at sunset (maybe sunrise)…

But besides that what else is there to do to kill a few hours?
Anything other than standard small town eating (bbq/burger/etc?) Anything else to see/do?

More looking for within 15-20 min drive… not like several hrs to Grand Canyon type of side trip.

You might check out Marble Canyon:

At night, get outside and away from town and look up.

holy @#$!!. This is from Page? or from Marble Canyon?

(care to share the specs of this shot? settings?exposure? location?)


Sorry, that’s just a quick grab from google image search.

If you do a google image search on navajo national monument milky way, you’ll see lots of images representative of the night sky in that neck of the woods (Navajo National Monument is about 50 miles ESE of Page, as the raven flies. NB: many of the images that this search turns up are actually from farther east at Monument Valley, in the Four Corners area.) There are some really dark locations around there, and on a clear (ideally moonless) night the Milky Way dominates the sky.

Here is a google map overlay that shows where to find dark sky… note that Page itself is fairly light-polluted, but you don’t have to drive far at all to get away from the lights.

Very cool… thanks!

I was nosing around at lunch and found this tutotial for photograsphing the Milky Way:

Also, check out Larry P’s night sky photo in the the “5 best photos” thread.

Here is a nice freeware application (Mac OS, Windows, Linux) that will show you the night saky at any given time and location. There are several similar apps for iOS and Android.

That guy has some ridiculous startrails… wow…