Anova's countertop combi steam oven is out

The first (well almost, Cuisinart had one that was discontinued) home countertop combi steam oven that doesn’t cost a fortune is scheduled for shipping Sept 28th and pre-ordering is open. Was delayed for several years, in part due to Anova being acquired by Electrolux.

Scott Heimendinger (ex-Modernist Cuisine) discussing features from CES 2020:

If you stick a Dutch oven in a regular oven, it mimics a steam oven. Works for my bread:

True, but that only mimics a fraction of what combi ovens can do. Wider availability of affordable combi ovens is equivalent to what happened to sous vide cooking a few years ago. In a few years, you won’t be able to call yourself a serious home chef without one.

Don’t think so. I think I’ll stick with my steamer and dutch oven. I thought it was a comedy/parody video when they made an omelette in the oven. I can’t imagine why anyone would sacrifice counter space to this ugly thing? That said, I also don’t own a microwave–but this looks like a microwave.

Maybe you’ll be dead by then, and it won’t matter that you live in the past. [swoon.gif]

The Cuisinart one wasn’t very large. Looks like this will accommodate a 1/4 sheet pan.

I don’t know anything about this particular model, but I’m a huge fan of the combi steam oven. When we built our kitchen, the pertinent question for each piece of equipment was “Can it do something that nothing else can do nearly as well?” The steam convection oven passed this test with flying colors. Along with all the baking, steaming, low&slow cooking, etc. it is also the best reheater of leftovers there is. No, you wouldn’t buy one just for that, but it’s a big plus!

We have been looking for a 2nd oven. This might be the perfect solution. Would love to stop misting bread when cooking. Among other things.


you’re too young to be an old curmudgeon

This might be a nice addition

Just seemed to me to be more astroturf marketing and less of a testimonial. No idea if Kevin is paid by Anova–but sure seemed like it.

A useful article on the science of steam ovens:

A lot of “serious home chefs” don’t require or use a lot of fancy new options - just sayin.’ Use whatever you like or need to cook as you want, but let’s not make “serious” equal “expensive new tools”

Just pre-ordered. Chicken wings will be first!

Hejna Gave me a heads up
My microwave died 3 mo ago. Have the perfect spot for this and reading Sarah’s raves about her combi and covering the Miele version for a while, I’m going to start here.

I have a six figure first floor gut rehab hopefully in the queue for next fall. If this works as advertised, it will seal the deal on a built in version.

The combi ovens are much more than a steam oven. This makes me very excited.

Like serious wine lovers who don’t have a wine cellar?

I thought you were being a bit tongue in cheek? more razzing.

Where did you see how it cooks wings better? I can always use a new wing cooker!

i’m hoping during black friday it drops below 500!