Another wine store closes-Wine Pavilion!

Wine Pavilion, of which Greg Koslosky, former manager of Wine Club, was a limited partner and the GM, has shuttered. Greg, I guess is now importing wines.

He was always very professional. I visited him at the Wine Pavilion about one month before it was due to open. It was heading in the right direction as a nice store, but I guess it never caught on.

Sign of the times. Here in My neck of the woods 4 “fine” wines shops have closed their opperations. I think in many cases the these early shut downs are caused more by the lack of knowlege and experience along with the boom in wine shop openings in the past 5 years. I feel the ecomony has yet to do its worst on the industry and the market in general.

It was quite a nice store, actually. And the prices were good, the selection interesting and varied. But there is just a lot of competition in the area from Wine Exchange, Hi Time and on and on. I, too, have an order in(with some others) for some Champagne from the new operation.



That’s interesting. I stopped by during their “moving” sale about a month ago. When I asked the gentleman at the checkout where they were moving to, he said they would be moving to Aliso Viejo (a few miles away) in about a month, but that the location wasn’t firm yet. It’s been about a month. No answer or message at their previous phone number. I liked the shop, but there was certainly tremendous competion for wine stores in Orange County (not to mention the competition of internet sales/auctions). At least 80% of my purchases the past year have been on line, which is a trend I don’t see changing for me.



PBL…does that pay well?

Too bad, it was a nice store, and apart from the fact that Greg K is one of my favorite retailers, it has a nice food section with lots of good cheese and a decent selection of Belgian beer.

Whether at the Wine Club, Wine Pavilion, or now, Greg always seemed to be doing his own thing in the context; I never dealt with anyone at either of the previous places but him. So I’m happy he’s continuing to do that, and he seems to be doing well with his new company.


never been to the store but add my name to those who have known Greg K for many years and happily continue to do business with him. An outstanding gentleman.

Dan, apparently not. I can only afford to drink Sierra Carche. The good news is that it is getting cheaper each day. [whistle.gif]

Robert, thank you for the link to Greg’s new venture. I’ve signed up for the email list.