Another try at La Sirena and a first go at Noemi

Subdued black and blue fruits. Smooth and complex, a little earthy, dark cherries. Will #try to) wait at least another year on these.

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Question… has Heidi lost her mojo??? I hardly hear anything about her any more.

I’m too new to this game to make that call. All I know is that of the 3 bottles (one was the syrah) I’ve tried, not a single one was finished.

Maybe I got a bad batch, maybe I just don’t know what good tastes like. I do know that I could have purchased a whole lot of delicious wine for what I paid for a case of this stuff.

Probably won’t try again for quite some time.

check out the video on wine library tv with heidi" onclick=";return false;

after watching this I have to wonder if all of her wines are blends: “it’s very rare to find a cabernet that is 1,2,3,4,5,6.” These numbers refer to how the wine goes across the mouth 1,2 being the beginning, 3,4 being the middle and 5,6 being the finish. She says it’s a blend of cabernet, merlot, cab franc. This is not stated on the site from what i could tell. It’s hard to tell if Gary likes the wine or not.

Gene, Had watched that prior to actually tasting any of her wines. Can’t help but hope that what I’ve had has in some way been damaged.

I’m OK if it’s a blend, but if this was the good stuff [suicide.gif]