Another Saxum for Anna's Wish-100pt JB ($350) closed

Justin Strider Smith was kind enough to donate a bottle of his 100 pt 2007 James Berry Vineyard. Bottle has also been signed by Justin. 100% of the bid will go to Anna’s Wish. Auction will close next friday April 9th at 10pm EDT.

Please PM or email bids. Will again post high bid and initials

$200 (AW)

$300 (NW)

very early monday morning bump

$350 (RK)


this one is moving at a snail’s pace

remember that this is tax deductible for any amount over winery release price.

What was the winery release price?


lot closes tomorrow. I thought we could do better. Maybe some last minute bidding.


not sure why you are so confused. I just checked my invoice, release was $67. So i was off by $8. Are you planning on making a bid?

It was $67 plus 8% NYS sales tax plus $5+ shipping, so $75 is really more accurate.

maybe Alan is unaware that this received a RP 100.

And currently fetching $250+ on WineBid

or how important the charity is to me.

Maybe he’s questioning your tax advice, not the release price. I’m not a tax professional, but I think if I bought this wine from you, I could only deduct the amount I pay to the charity which exceeds the current value, not the release price. I believe that you would get to deduct the current value.

since i am not deducting anything i would think you can deduct anything over $75. I’ll ask my accountant. Hey Noelle

Which is very wise of you since this was donated by Justin, not you… Obviously Ken likes to post without reading the initial thread. neener

I assume you mean initial post? neener

Just to clarify, I read it, but a week later I forgot it. So it’s more of a senility thing than a reading comprehension thing. So there! [suicide.gif]