Another Nice Dry Vouvray

2008 Catherine et Pierre Breton Vouvray Chenin Sec La Dillettante
Nose: Minerals/Sugar/Green Apple/Slightly Floral
Mouth: Green apple/Mineral/Zing!
Notes: Another inexpensive, delicious dry Vouvray! Keep em coming!

I’m a big, big Huet sec fan. I’ll have to pick up and try one of these. What was the tab for a bottle of this?

I think it was fourteen bucks. I got it with a passel of other, mostly cheep wines.

A quick look on WS shows one listing @ 32 bones. I love Vouvray and if quality is found at 15 bucks, I’d like to backup the truck. Care to share the source? [worship.gif]

I just checked and I paid $17.95 at KLWM. I also typoed the year; it’s 2008, not 2007. I haven’t had the 2007 $32.00 seems a little high for their “la dillettante” series.