Another Napa Itinerary Thread

My girlfriend and I are going to Napa 5/27 through 5/31 for a relaxing vacation. We will be staying at Auberge. We do want to do a few wineries while we are there. My girlfriend has a very different wine palate than I do - she loves big Napa cabs. This is somewhat a vacation for her (because I have been so busy and will have just come back from a three week work trip) so I am hoping to pick out a few places she would love. Any suggestions are appreciated. Here is what I currently have:

5/27: Fly in late. Stay in SF.

5/28: Breakfast (suggestion?). Drive up to Napa. Check into Auberge. First day is probably going to be a spa/pool/running day. Dinner at Press (other suggestions?).

5/29: Wine tasting. Ideas:

  • Myriad
  • Morlet (not on their list. How hard to get in?)
  • David Arthur
  • Pott (just recently on their list. Would be a buyer for her, how hard to get in?)
  • O’Shaughnessy
  • Drinkward Peshon (on their list. Don’t know if they do tastings)
  • Corison (not on their list. Still possible to taste?)

Other suggestions would be appreciated. Especially if you think that there are wineries that would appeal to me and her at the same time (I am in the Ceritas, Dirty and Rowdy, Burgundy, Champagne - aka high acid - wine style).

Dinner at Meadowood.

5/30: Spa/Bike/Run. Lunch at Redd. Schramsberg. Dinner at Solbar.

5/31: Brunch at Auberge, meander down to SFO.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Allowing a non-member to visit your winery is a chance to make you a member, any of the wineries you listed that can do tastings should be able to accommodate you if it works for their schedule.

I’d suggest swinging by Ram’s Gate on your way back to SFO if you take 101 to the Golden Gate. The winery is flashy and it comes across kind of lame, but their Chardonnays and their Cabernet Sauvignon were absolutely delicious. It’s a beautiful building with a great view if you can ignore the crowd.

And you should check out Massican. Dan Petroski is the assistant winemaker at Larkmead and has the Massican label for his own whites. All high acid, bright, special wines. You could also do the tasting at Larkmead while you’re there to satisfy your GF’s palate.

My suggestion is to drive up Spring Mountain and visit Barnett and Schweiger. The views alone are worth the drive, and they produce some of my favorite wines in Napa, most of which you won’t find on retail shelves or in restaurants.

Whenever I head up to Napa from San Fran, I usually hit Boon Fly Cafe at the Carneros Inn for breakfast, it is outstanding. Auberge is wonderful. I will be having dinner at Meadowood in a few weeks, I will let you know my thoughts afterwards. I think you have a great trip planned.

Rebecca, re tastings you might contact Randy Bowman or Carrie (C. Bowman) who are Napa Valley Wine & Cigar and old timers on WB. They’re pretty plugged in to the Napa scene and will likely have some good recs for you.

Corison and EMH (Merrill’s wines) should appeal to both of your palates. I highly recommend both.

Have a fun trip!

Alpha Omega isn’t too far from Press, same for EMH if you wanted to do a tasting or two on your first day prior to dinner.

It would be a shame not to visit Hall Rutherford being that is right where you are staying.

Pott could be tough given Aaron’s schedule. Same with Myriad, although Mike tends to be very accommodating. DP is another question mark, although you should be able to catch Francoise during late May. The rest should be easy with this much notice. Good luck and report back!

I agree. I think Pride is a good visit as well on Spring Mountain with great views. I also liked the vibe at Cade on Howell Mountain.

You taste Drinkward-Peschon at Behrens. It is one of my favorite tasting “rooms” in Napa. Tasting fee is waived with purchase. Robin will pour you lots of Behrens wines too.

Just a heads up that Behrens is now doing their tastings down in St. Helena, not up on Spring Mtn.

I think the best breakfast en route from SF to Napa (if you take the GG bridge)
The Fremont Diner

A couple of suggestions not mentioned above

Di Costanzo
(Massimo Di Constanzo’s Cabs are beautiful).

Distinctive Rhone Reds primarily from the Sierra Foothills.

Powerful Zin and Grenache in a stunning location with an awesome staff.

A great blend of familiar wines and lesser known varieties (I think they should be on every Napa itinerary)

The Grade
Very pretty TRB Cab and Sauv Blanc.

Enfield Wine Co.
Though he makes wine out of Santa Rosa, John lives in St. Helena and you may be able to connect with him there. Stunning stuff.

Beautiful, precise, higher acid whites.

Primarily Sonoma Coast Pinot and Chard.

If you drive up to O’shaughnessey, I’d also stop at Viader (which is on the way up). Both require appointments.

Thank you all for the recommendations! These are very helpful. Especially loving the food recs. May be rethinking some decisions.

There will also be a 3 day music festival that weekend called bottle rock Napa if you were interested too

I’d also check out Fantesca. Heidi Barrett Cabs

Stony Hill (unbelievable views). Montelena. Mayacamas.

My only suggestion is to consider traffic in your plans. If you want to stay in SF the first night, that makes sense from SFO, but plan to be in SF until at least 10 to avoid ridiculous traffic. It probably makes more sense to go across Golden Gate, and over on 37/121 to get to Napa, as opposed to Bay Bridge and 80.

i would take the 101 the whole way to SR then over to calistoga or st helena