Another Anti-Mosel Bridge Petition -- May 15 Signing Deadlin

There is an official German government petition against the bridge that you can sign online. The petition is in German, but attached to this email you will find step-by-step instructions in English. Please visit this web site:
And then follow the instructions.

It will take you a few minutes to get through the registration process so that you can sign the petition. We know how busy you are, but we implore you to take the time. It is imperative that we stop this bridge, and we need 10,000 signatures for this petition to have an impact - -so far only 5000 have signed, so please sign and spread the word.
The deadline for signing the petition is May 15.

I would like to sign up for this, but what does the German gov’t care if they get 5000 Auslanders?

And what am I signing uo for by giving them my email address? Am I going to get daily emails from Angela explaining why it is important to bail out Greece?

This the same petition (10681) that I signed on Apr.22.

Errol – If you can read German, there is a privacy explanation. I haven’t read it, but generally, privacy rules are considerably stronger in Europe than here.

gesagt, getan. Thanks for the heads up, Claude.

Thanks Claude. Blogged about it and added to Facebook. Lots of petitions on that site. Almost signed a few others.