Anna McKinney Benefit Auction-17 lots-CLOSED

In the next link down, are the 17 lots in the auction. Auction will close next monday 6/15 at 10 pm EDT. Please send your bids via PM or e-mail. I will update the bids once or twice a day. I will also put the initials of the current high bidder next to the bids. This way if there is a tie, you will know if your bid was in first. There are a few bottles I am still waiting to receive. I will put them in a supplemental auction when i receive them. Every cent will be donated to the Mckinney family to help with the mounting costs. Mr. McKinney is on a leave of absence from work, so of course money is tight.

I will provide storage until weather cools or can ship right away. A couple of lots will be sent directly from the person that made the donation. When all is said and done, i will note the total donated. One check will be presented to the Mckinney family along with a list of donors and high bidders. Thanks again to all donors and bidders.

You can follow Anna’s progress here:" onclick=";return false;

Lot 1 03 Sauternes 375ml $150 (DW)

Climens/Rieussec/Guiraud/La Tour Blanche

Lot 2 Chardonnay $125 (RT)

06 Peter Michael Mon Plaisir/06 White Helix James Berry/04 Ramey Hyde

Lot 3 Magnum of 04 Ridge Monte Bello $200 (CC)

Lot 4 Cabernet Sauvignon $375 (NW)

02 Leoville Poyferre/02 Karl Lawrence/02 Beringer Private Reserve
05 Quilceda Creek Estate 100pts/05 Keever/05 Don Melchor

Lot 5 a 6 pack of 1996 Duval Leroy Champagne $300 (AM)

Lot 6 Merlot $300 (DM)

03,04,05,06 Pride/01 Blankiet/06 Switchback

Lot 7 Aussie $300 (BT)

02,03,05 Two hands Bella/03,05 Two Hands Lily/06 MollyDooker Enchntd Path

Lot 8 Pinot Noir $165 (RT)

2 x 06 Pali Inman/06 Wind Oaks SCM/06 Alcina San Giacomo
05 Penner Ash Willamette/06 Ketcham

Lot 9 Pinot Noir $225 (DM)

04 Kosta Browne RRV/2 x 05 Kosta Browne RRV/05 Sea Smoke Southing

Lot 10 Asst $220 (DM)

01 Guigal CNdp/03 Guigal St. Joseph/06 McPrice Myers L’ange Rouge
3 x 04 Havens Cuvee d L’Hospice

Lot 11 Syrah $125 (DA)

06 Copain James Berry/3 x 03 Roloson Herradura/06 Carlisle Sonoma County

Lot 12 Petite Syrah $120 (SE)

06 Switchback/ 3 x 01 Jacob Franklin Hayne Vineyard

Lot 13 Arcadian $200 (NW)

03,05 Francesca Pinot Noir/ 03,05 Syrah Homage a Max

Lot 14 Alban $200 (AM)

00 Costello 375ml/02 Tithings/03 Reva

Lot 15 2006 Clos St. Jean $400 (TS)

Ex Machina/Combe des Fous/Vielles Vignes

Lot 16 2007 Kutch McDougall Magnum signed by Jaime $175 (DC)

Lot 17 2005 Saxum

Broken Stones/ Booker Vineyard/Rocket Block $300 (RT)


Are all of these donated lots from Berserkers and Squires? I recognize many from our forum, for sure.

Those who are interested, PLEASE bid away!!

that is correct. should have another case or so on it’s way to me


Some nice lots of up there, some with single bottles worth more than the starting price of the lot! I through in a couple bids and am eyeing a couple more.

If I don’t win a lot, I’m good for an extra $250 cash on top.

So glad that one of the boards is paying attention and gives a shit.

Yesterday they celebrated 100 days since the bone marrow transplant. Big milestone.

I am not really fond of the drawing that has been developed to supposedly represent this site. I would have much preferred an Oak Cask with an emblazened heart to do the trick. [give_heart.gif]

hey lang, when are you going to pony up?


All of you wine listing, no note posting lumbers out there - let’s see your initials on post #2.


Make me pay my $250 for no wine.


I don’t know how to find these to make a bid. Do you think you could add the URL’s to the lots so we could easily bid on them?


No URL. These are not on commune. Figured better bids would be made here and easier to keep track. Probably no one backing out here either.

If you want to bid, send me an e-mail or PM


No problem Ray but I didn’t know you liked Cali stuff. I can’t keep up! [berserker.gif]

Rarely drink the wines and usually only with some age on them.
I never even heard of a few of the wines I bid on. Just trying to boost the dollar amount raised.

Cris! I know you want my Rocket Block. Bid! Bid! [berserker.gif]

Wow, folks, step up here!! These are KILLER prices!

I donated 6 bottles AND I’m bidding - get in here!

I’m trying to reclaim a couple lots from Ray.

I really would love to…but “Lang” is closing on a house in July and is on a buying freeze! SUCKS!