Is there a market for them. I have a fair amount (over a case) I would part with. It’s a vertical I’d have to do some more research into it if anyone is remotely interested


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I see recent vintages at a few local wine shops for about $20-40 per bottle over the allocation list price.
Do you have the syrah or something else?

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I think the way to find out if anyone is interested is to pick a fair price for them (probably 5-20% below WS-Pro low?) and offer them at that, see if you get buyers or counteroffers.

I don’t know if you’re going to find out what the interest is any other way.

Just my two cents’ worth since you asked. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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Definitely need more information as well as what Chris said above. Specific quantity, what amount you are looking for, vineyard, vintage, storage conditions, etc.

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I have the following. Will entertain offers below what’s on line especially for the lot.

EABA 2018
GR 2018
no 7 2018
no 3 2014
2012 which I think is no 1


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Wow :hushed::flushed: