Anderson's Conn Valley Estate Cab Sale

Wine Access is offering the 2009 Estate Cab Reserve for $59.99. Not sure if Todd knows about this yet, but if Wine Access has the wine, the price is right. If they don’t have the wine, we still have some at $79, as required by the winery, but we took it off the website so you have to call.


It seems other retailers are offering the wine at the same price. Do you think he’s dumping?

How is the ’09 relative to the ’07 and ‘08s (which I have in my cellar, bought on release @$74)? Have not tried them and will not for a while…

Mark, that 2008 is delicious.

I’m also curious about the 2009…the vintage as a whole hasn’t wowed me quite as much as 2007 or 2008, but good producers are always more intriguing.

Up until the 07 vintage I regularly saw these offered at about $60. I think the winery cracked down on retailers in the 08 vintage.

This is a perfect example of why I am starting to hate wine clubs…join the club, support the winery, pay the club price, then come on here or my email box and see the same damn wine for 25% off.

then remember you were told some bullshit story about how the reserve cab was ONLY going to be offered to wine club members going forward…grrrr

I bought some of the 06 Reserve’ for 39.99 at one retailer who had this on sale for a couple of months. Sadly no longer. I am NOT a huge napa cab fan but the Anderson Conn Valley Reserve is one I always have a few bottles of on hand. I love their style, very un napa cab like. More right bank meets napa.

I wonder if ACV has replaced the deceased Mac Sawyer? I also wonder how much the style may shift without Mac there day to day.

Combining threads a bit, but the experiencing tasting at ACV is pretty much unrivaled in my experience. A handful of Berserkers would likely agree…Todd’s a fantastic host.

+1 on tasting at ACV. A must for any wine enthusiast.

Just don’t plan on attending any other wineries afterward - that should be your last trip of the day, as you’ll not be in a condition to drive.

While I do not buy many Cali Cabs, I do grab some of these from time to time, including recently the '08 and '07s. These are solid wines.

The 09 is very good and will benefit from some cellaring. Mac has been replaced by a young and upcoming local winemaker, who is getting some hands on training in the vineyard right now. He has the same palate preference as Todd and Mac. Dumping isn’t the issue, it’s an east coast diistibutor who did it behind Todd’s back.

Randy, when you talk about the “east coast distributer” are you referring to that in relation to the Wine Access pricing too? The Wine Access email basically implies - if not outright states - they’re offering the wine with Todd approval, something they’ve been doing over the past few years with a few of the different ACV bottling’s.

Yes, it’s year after year. I still have 4 of the 08 eloge I purchased off wa last year this time before I joined Todd’s wine clubs.

I do love the wine, and had a fantastic tasting experience when I was there. I just hate committing to multi case quantities, to get a perceived discount price, then seeing it widely available in retail for less than my last shipment.

When I see Todd I’ll ask him about his “approval” on the 09 Cab. In the past, he’s allowed some of the larger production wines to be sold in limited amounts through Wine Access, but not the Cab.

Randy - This is the fourth vintage in a row (from two different sources) that I have found the Cab Estate Reserve at a discounted price.

It’s on the wa email again today

09 Reserve Cab for $60 at Total Wine here in Dallas.

Buy 6 bottles of wine and get another 10% off