And I thought Dave Butner was bad! Larry Schaffer's Tercero Wines

As soon as I complained that Dave Butner was bothering me with emails (he really wasn’t), Larry shows up ordering me to post his offer (and he was emailing me last night at 1:23 am!!). He does have a good excuse, however - he wants to watch his daughter rollerskate with friends for her birthday, so let’s buy up his inventory QUICKLY - maybe he’ll post a photo of her skating.

Happy Birthday, Larry’s Daughter!!! flirtysmile

Tercero Packs:

tercero sampler pack
2 each of 6 wines - 3 red and 3 white. Reds in this pack are my blends. Gives you a good ‘overview’ of what I’m about these days (-:
$330 value for $210 - including shipping!

tercero Varietal Pack
I make a lot of different varieties and wanted to spotlight this, so here we have 2 each of my Mourvedre, both grenaches Thompson Syrah and my Petite SIrah. Throw in 2 bottles of my 07 Thompson Syrah (for a mini vertical) 12 bottles total.
Nearly a $400 value for $250 - including shipping!!!

Todd. Do you have a link to Larry’s website… or email address???


He has them posted up on his site. No special codes required.

In for the red/white sampler, splitting with David Tietz so we’ve got more money to spend today!

Larry, looks like Paypal is still adding in shipping costs. Is there a way around this?

Thanks much!!!

Here’s a link to where the specials can be found:

And Bud, you should have received an email from me in the middle of the night as well - I shared this with all of my wine club members as well - just figured it was the right thing to do (-:

And as far as specifics go, here are details for the two packs:

Sample Pack includes 2 each of the following:
2010 The Outlier (dryish Gewurz and it’s ALMOST GONE!!!)
2010 Viognier (White Hawk Vyd)
2010 Grenache Blanc
2008 Cuvee Christie (CdP style blend)
2008 Cuvee Loco (all Larner fruit - 1/2 syrah and 1/2 grenache)
2008 The Climb - 2/3 syrah and 1/3 petite sirah

Varieties Pack - 2 each of the following:
2007 Thompson Vyd Syrah
2008 Thompson Vyd Syrah
2008 Larner Vyd Grenache
2008 Watch Hill Vyd Grenache
2008 Petite Sirah
2009 Mourvedre (!!!)

Let me know if you have any questions . . .



Love Larry, love Larry’s wines, love Larry’s kids (we met them while tasting). Worth buying all around!


I wish there was and I’ll try to see if I can ‘tweak’ things, but my shopping cart program is antiquated - about to switch over to a new program that will be MUCH better but couldn’t get it down prior to today . . .

So as I said before, IF you are charged for shipping, I WILL BE refunding those charges later today via Paypal - promise!


Thanks. I’m the guy that’s buying both cases [cheers.gif]

Thanks, Larry. I’ll complete my order now.
One thing, the order process doesn’t have a box for ‘shipping instructions’, and because my brother is moving his office soon,
I need to wait until April 15th for the wine to be shipped.
Is that doable?

Great deal on some great wines!

Nice! Can’t wait to see it come through (-:



Did you get my email as well??!?!?!


I did. I got the Club email about 2:00 AM CST.


Yep, tis when I sent it - and was then up until about 7am CST putting together an art desk and chair for my daughter’s birthday!!!


Yup… I got it, and forgot to read it… what a dweeb!!!

in for a tercero Varietal Pack! Been on my list to try Larry’s wines!

Well, you did get the email about 3am your time - I think I was the only one up at that time!!!