An incredible tribute to Burt Williams by the Prince of Pinot Noir

Rusty Gaffney has created an entire newsletter to pay tribute to Burt. It is the most comprehensive group of articles re Burt that I know of. Enjoy

This is really a terrific series of articles.

To me the amazing thing about Burt was that when all sorts of folks with fancy degrees were flailing around in the world of pinot, Burt nailed it. I asked him about how he learned to make wine once, but I did not get a long answer like Rusty did.

I well remember the 2011 Burt party in Healdsburg. I’m not saying I imbibed a lot but later I asked Yolanda Papapietro if she had been there and she had to point out we sat together. That and trying to get into a furniture store with my hotel key.

Too funny Mel

Fantastic story. Thanks for posting the reference. I only own two Burt wines. There will be some grilling with one of them this holiday season.

I’m so looking forward to it.


Please post some notes Fred.