An important moment in 2015 where legendary California wine was shared

Francois might sarcastically call this the Magic Johnson of Cali Cab. And it would be apropos. Imagine a 20 pound bottle. A punt so deep that the wine must be great. And the tasting notes are posted all over the bottle. It is Elegant. Ethereal. Sensual. Graceful. But also incorrigible. Rebellious. Vibrant. Flamboyant. Opulent. Alluring. Gracefully, it is relatively low in alcohol at 15%.

I do not deign myself worthy enough to post a contradictory note, but suffice it to say, I could find several apt single word notes.

Sorry Francois for co-opting your thread, but found this amusing…

Oh, forgot to mention the wine:

2013 JCB Passion, Napa Cabernet Blend (85% Cab).

From the Jean-Charles Boisset Collection.

Are you just going to let those hedges grow right in the pool?!?!

Other than that backyard looks pretty-pretty-pretty nice.

Lol, down in Coral Gables, Miami, at my sister’s house. In this heat and humidity, the wildlife grows with reckless and feckless abandon! Plus, you really would not expect me to do yard work while I’m gulping big Cab would ya!?

The sad thing is that there must have been a few meetings where 5-6 people got together and pitched a few different ideas for the bottle, and concluded that this was the best one. I’m struggling to understand exactly what could have been worst (I’ll have to sleep with the light on tonight for sure)


JGB 6L and we could talk!

I’d like to see Jay Hack try to suck that down from the bottle while standing on the corner of Madison and 8th!

That would be quite a feat since Madison runs uptown from 23rd. But I wouldn’t put it past Jay.

Jay Hack wouldn’t like it. Only15% abv. 15% is ok for Chardonnay and Riesling, but red wines need to be 16%. Preferably higher.

Jay is capable of most anything. He matriculated at The Wheatey.

That label could compete for the best adjectives in a Broadway marquee contest!

Jay is high as a kite right now. His beloved Michigan just destroyed my pathetic Gators. He’s drinking SQN right now, flambé style. Sadly, he’s stuck in my country town of Orlando while I’m wilding in Miami.

So the punt is 2.5 inches deep, wtf!?

In public?

That is indeed an dark and foreboding declivity, Counselor

Dark indeed that I took the time to measure it! I was mesmerized.

3" punt? 6 blade disposable razor?

So, you stuck your…ruler into it?

Ethnologists up with the Sioux
Wired home for two punts, one canoe.
The reply the next day
Said “girls on the way,
But what the hell’s a panoe?”