Ampuis by Bike

So I’ve seen quite a few posts on the northern rhone, but perhaps none in regards to cycling.

Plan to be in France next year for the Rugby World Cup… and we will be in Lyon for several days.

Was thinking it of listing a couple of wineries in Ampuis (morning visit, lunch, afternoon visit).

Thought it might be even more fun too to it by bicycle. Looks very doable from what I can tell using the Via Rhona. Can also skip parts of Lyon and train a little closer. From what I can tell the Via Rhona is fairly;y flat through this part of the trail.

Does anyone have any experience own this? How do the wineries feel about receiving visitors on bike?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom!

We didn’t visit any wineries on our cycling days, but years ago (same trip as my avatar photo) we found some great hills right among the vines if you want to really challenge yourself, including one we took a pass on given the gradient and the loose gravel all over the road. The steeper one (24% per the road sign) required balancing on exactly that fine point where leaning just a bit back brought the front wheel up into the air and leaning just a bit forward caused the rear to slip. Good times from when I was much younger and thinner, and in much better shape.