Ampeau MP and Dauvissat-Camus Preuses

I’ve got a 93 Robert Ampeau Meursault Perrieres and 15 Dauvissat-Camus Preuses I want to open. Has anyone had any of these lately? Decant? Serve cold or room temp?

Btw, what’s the difference between Dauvissat and Dauvissat-Camus?


Vincent Dauvissat and Dauvissat-Camus are the exact same wines, just different labels.

Would expect the Dauvissat may benefit from a decant, though I PnPed a 15 Forest a few weeks ago that was open for business. Ampeau I’d probably put right in the glass and start sipping. Would probably do both wines a touch colder than cellar temp, but not chilled per se.

The Ampeau is good to go, don’t decant but don’t serve too cold. Wait on the Dauvissat if you can bear it: better in five.

No real difference between the Dauvissat and the Dauvissat-Camus. (there are multiple old threads on this).

I’m all out of my Ampeau M-P, but it’s a very nice wine, if not corked (for me Ampeau from that period has more than it’s share of flawed bottles). I would serve the wines as any other good white (I chill it somewhat colder than cellar temp and let the bottle warm up as you slowly consume). For me both wines will need air, esp the Dauvissat, so don’t pop it and pour it out to eight people and be done. (also I haven’t had the 15 Dauvissat Preuses yet, so don’t know what your experience will be ).

(Also just noted the last two posts while I was typing–I would differ in that I think the Ampeau will be much better with an hour of air.)

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Thanks, all. Much appreciated.

Chris–realize that while I’m giving my honest opinion from my experience, William has likely 100 times or so what I have, so might be worth listening to.

Dauvissat is well known for making backwards, slowly aging Chablis. I had a 2007 Dauvissat Clos last summer and that one still needed 4-5 years. So I guess the 2015 needs some time…

Not at all! By the sound of it, you have likely had more bottles of this than I.

I have had the Ampeau a few times. It is still quite good but I am not sure it is as good as it was a few years ago, although it could just be bottle variation. I would drink up.

I’ve had 2 out of a 6 pack of the 93 amp perrieres. That was back in nov 17 though. I found the botrytis a bit off putting on those bottles.

Just had the ‘93 Ampeau MP last week. Got better and better over 4 hours so I would give it a bit if air.

Opened the Ampeau around 2pm today and I would say it needed about 30 minutes to open up from bottle and then it was a go. heavy nose of Apple and Crème Brulee. A touch of acid on the palate with a mouthful of apples. Just happy this wasn’t corked

Holding on to that Dauvissat?

Good chance it doesn’t last past next weekend. A few nights after I had purchased it my wife came in the apartment with a few friends and wanted white wine. She’d had a few that night and she was trying to open it. This was after 11pm. I rudely had to tell her and her friends that the Dauvissat was off limits. Ever since she’s been infatuated with it. I love her dearly but she wanted to put ice in her glasses of Ampeau tonight. To each their own I guess.

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Unfortunately can relate all too well! Be sure to post notes if you can.

Can somebody inform me on the difference between Jean Dauvissat and Jean et Sebastien Dauvissat?

Is anyone able to shed some light on Jean Dauvissat? Same producer as Rene et Vincent and Dauvissat Camus or all together different?

No, totally different.