America's Best Fried Chicken

Travel & Leisure’s take:

For my money, they named the second-best fried chicken in Atlanta - Restaurant Eugene,

My local favorite is Watershed,

hollyhock hill looks awesome. I currently live about 2 miles from Roscoe, good food but a bit pricey. $13 for two pieces of chicken + 2 waffles

Popeyes! Yum!

What about Chez Rowdy? That might be my favorite fried chicken in town!

Until proven wrong…

  1. Ad Hoc
  2. Babe’s (DFW Area)
  3. Popeye’s Spicy

In a class by itself. The commercial purveyors won’t have a chance if Rowdy ever goes public.

BTW, Eugene is open and serving fried chicken on Boxing Day.

Nothing can touch Prince’s and this video never gets old.

I have tried 4 from the list IIRC.


Jason, when are you coming to Atlanta again?

If you do we’ll get you some chicken that will make you think of Prince’s. Rowdy is from Tenn., btw.

Awesome. Hope to be back in 2011. You guys gave me enough reason to return already and now to get some Rowdy’s. Southern food is one of the few cuisines that is very difficult to get in SoCal.


Out the door right now, and heading up to Prince’s to put their chicken to the test.

Awesome! Let us know what you think.

Are you going to try any other Hot Chicken places? 400 degrees now has a place Downtown.


Glad to see that Crisp made the list. Awesome chicken, but not what those in the South would recognize as fried chicken. And their wings are enormous and terrific. And they deliver

I can vouch for Rack & Soul. Went quite a few times when I still lived in the city. [cry.gif]

Man I was hoping for some recipes!!

Going to 400 Degrees next week.

I got the ‘hot’ breast quarter and fries. Heat level was right on the cusp of me not being able to eat it…and I like very hot foods. Kind of disappointed in the actual chicken meat though. Fairly dry and stringy, but the crust was perfect.

Yeah the chicken at those places is always questionable or variable. But the crust … yum! What are you doing in Nashville. Let’s coordinate!


I am here M-F at the Corporate Mothership down in Franklin until June 15th.

Gus’s in Memphis…

'nuf said.

Roscoe’s is OK… but I don’t think it would stand on it’s own without the waffles.

Where is Ad-Hoc in Napa, Wayfarer Tavern in San Fran and Momofuku in New York?

I guess they excluded the fancy joints.

This is sortof like the Maxim Hot 100, you could argue it forever and never reach any consensus

I agree. Roscoe’s is fun but I actually prefer Pann’s And it is pretty funny that they claim to be the diner from Pulp Fiction right on their website, despite not being the diner from Pulp Fiction [snort.gif]