American Truffle farming.

Yes, I’ve gone as long as 5-7 days with winter truffles, but I wouldn’t hold these as long. I turned the last one into truffle butter.

Thanks again!

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After having my 2022 Burwell Farms order bumped to this year because they ran out, I just got my shipping notice today. I hope the “January harvest isn’t as good” thesis from above doesn’t hold for this year…

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I got the surprise this morning also.
I had forgotten all about these. Certainly looking forward to trying.

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Got mine today.
Well….underwhelmed is a word.
Truly no smell
Shaved a little to taste. Very neutral. Nothing you’d blindly say ‘ahh, a truffle.’
Perhaps too cold?
I’ve emailed them to ask how the season was.

Agricultural products are a challenge.

Was this your first year Chris? Wondering if they are different than past seasons?
I have definitely made the mistake of not letting truffles warm up enough, which definitively muted the aromatics

First year
I got three small and one large chunk
I’ll let one warm tomorrow as an experiment