AMAZINGLY RARE SQN TROPHY...TOO BAD IT'S FAKE!!" onclick=";return false;

Amazingly rare SQN box. Too bad it’s fake. Can anyone guess how I know this?

Are they your photos? Oh wait, I know. You must have lot #25 in your possession already!

BINGO. I own #25 and they are my pictures. Uh oh.

Perhaps your wife decided that she needs new shoes Justin?

First time seller.

I would contact wine commune and let them know the seller is probably committing fraud.


The description and photos come right off my website. The photos were taken by Justin and cropped by me.

In theory, it’s possible he has another one of the 40, but it seems unlikely.

He might have 22, not 25.

Funny; I just saw a single bottle of the Black & Blue today in someone’s collection…


regardless, it’s clearly a copyright infringement and the owner (justin?) should send a DMCA claim. if they fail to take it down, winecommune is liable for copyright infringement.

WC’s DMCA compliance info is here:" onclick=";return false;

Hmmm…he hijacked the photos and is listing this as #25 which is the one I have. First time seller. I would say 101% that this is a fraud. I sent a message to Winecommune letting them know. A friend of mine actually called to tell me that this was up for bid and he was going to bid the house to get it. Needless to say he escaped what might have been a pretty pricey hoax.

What was the response from WC?

May have gotten it off K Vastola’s website?

That’s the only place that those pics are publicly posted and the language in the listing is right off of Ken’s site so yes…it appears it’s someone who reads Ken’s website. I doubt you could Google something like that as you would have to be pretty specific for a search to end up finding his listing on the site. As for WC, still no response but at least the current high bidder is aware of the fraud.

I sent the seller a message offering $20k for the box. A Carol Rios emailed me back saying they’d accept my offer. I asked for additional pic . s. We’ll see what happens

I think that Ken is Carlos in Spanish! Mistery solved.

Haha. Nice one Justin . . . additional pics will require some thorough internet scouring . . . doubt he’ll email you back. So just what are you planning to do IF if does email you a few other “pics.” I have a feeling you have everything well thought out. [wink.gif]

Nice job Justin. Beautiful trophy BTW!

Trust me, I did a lot of searching on the Internet. I found one photo of Legs. No other photos of the set.

Justin, whatcha drinking for your birthday?