AmadorFoothill/IronHub Winery

Just found out from MikeDunne’s SacBee article that BenZeitman/KatieQuin are no longer
at AmadorFootHillWnry. It was sold recently to TomJones, who had recently sold LavaCapWnry
in order to downsize their lives.

I, of course, followed Ben & Katie from the very start at AmadorFoothill (Ben founded the wnry earlier)
and rather liked his wines. They were made in a more restrained style that was not common in AmadorCnty
in those days. They’re located on SteinerRd just below the Sobons and around the bend from GrandPere vnyd.
I believe Ben was the first to grow Sangio and Primitivo in AmadorCnty.

Not had the Iron Hub wines yet. Anybody tried them??

Wow, I figured you of all people would be up on news like that! I remember reading about Ben & Katie selling their winery but it looks like the news never hit Wine Beserkers.

I’ll be making a quick trip through the area next week but I probably won’t have time to check out Iron Hub…maybe when I’m back that way later this year. I may actually stop in at Lava Cap though, as I’ll most likely stop at Madroña. I haven’t visited either of those places in many years. Hopefully I’ll connect with Matthew Rorick to visit him and see his vineyard as well.

Well, Ken…there was some niggly in the back of my mind that Ben&Katie wanted to sell…but not heard it actually happened.